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new wheels

  1. Changing my Wheels&Tires to these

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Been looking for an affordable set of wheels and tires for my car that offers good performance and looks. Im pushing 475WHP so was told getting a wide 8.5-9 will benefit my ride. Narrow my search down to XXR and here are a pic i found on google. Top to bottom: TOP XXR i want to get and...
  2. New wheels for winter tires/ 2011 WRX

    Suspension & Wheels
    Not too long ago i purchased a black 2011 WRX for myself, and being that i am very active during the winter, and live in a place that receives 75+ inches of snow every year I am obviously looking into new tires. For the sake of keeping things easy however I am looking into buying new wheels...