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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the car community so literally any advice helps, but I've been into subies for as long as I can remember. Currently in the market for a '16 STi and wanted to know the best (starter) modifications for someone starting out like me.
  2. new member

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    hi! should I leave stock or make it better? really its only a premium. should I??
  3. My first Subaru

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    Ever since i played the GT series on the Play Station 1-3 i fell in love with the Subaru WRX STi and made it one of my life goal to eventually buy one but i had one big obstacle money. I wanted one since i was about 14 and six years later and after saving every nickel and dimes while attending...
  4. Can i replace a stock turbo with a TD05H-20G on my 2002 wrx?

    Engine Modifications
    I'm new to this site but i was wondering if any one could help me with this. Iv had my car for almost a year and the turbo went bad a couple days ago. I found a WRX IMPREZA STI 02-07 TD05H-20G OEM TURBO REPLACEMENT on ebay for $280.00."...
  5. New to this Forum as well as to Subaru

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    Hello! I have recently made the wise decision to purchase a 2009 WRX sedan 265 :woocow: I love the car and will have photos up shortly. I need some advice....Its bone stock and I would love to mod it up a bit. Im already thinking a short throw and some kind of exhaust kit (I love the stage...
  6. New to game.... 04 wrx wagon.. Any insight, suggestions...

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    I just got an '04 wrx hatch, and it's great! Getting prepped for sale, so I dont even have pictures to post yet. But I just wanted to say Hi to the group, and post a thread. My car is all stock and in pretty great shape, but I was wondering what upgrades are most important for this car, what...
  7. Garret (Airesearch) T4

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    Hey guy's i'm new to Subaru's, i've only had one for about 3 or 4 weeks. But i came across a rebuilt Airesearch T4 turbo for $100 bucks. I figured for $100 bucks i might as well try it out. I know i'm going to have to move some stuff around to make it fit but i just want to know if its worth my...
  8. New to modding, need some guidance

    Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, I'm new to modding and if its possible to keep the price(s) down, I'd like to get into it a little bit. I have a 2002 subaru wrx (all stock except it came with an injen cold air intake**(installed by first owner). I looked around and I found M2 exhausts (tbe) for $250 and read there...
  9. Help me buy a Subaru WRX!

    Car Purchasing Forum
    Next summer I am going off to college and I am looking to buy a new car. I looked at some rsx and 350z's but a friend of mine bought a Subaru and im in love with it. I want sporty looking WRX sedan with enough hp to get up and go. I have a budget of $15,000 and basically I need help with...
  10. Waiting

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    Hello all, I just ordered my first Subaru. I purchased the 2011 Limited WRX. My sales rep told me that the car would arrive between 4-8 weeks. How long did you all have to wait to get yours? The anticipation is killing me. I cant wait to be behind the wheel of my new Subie.
  11. Just bought my first WRX

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    Hey guys i finally bought my first wrx, a silver 2002 wagon with low milage and completely stock. I got a good deal on it cuz its got minor body damage but once i get it fixed im throwing a fresh coat of blue paint on that *****. I would put up some pics but im sure all of you know what a stock...
  12. new member need some help

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    im tryin to buy a 02 wrx from someone and the cars not running right. he claims they took off the intake manifold for powder coating and hasnt ran right since.the engine light stays on when it starts ,and it wont rev over 3500rpm and dies when you give it a little bit of gas.he said it could be...
  13. new to the Subie community

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    on Saturday im trading in my 02 Mitsu Lancer, for a 02 WRX sedan, im buying for $7700. it has 58,880 miles. its in great shape, it has gold wheels. i think they are older Sti wheels, im not sure, maybe someone on here knows. it has a Sti shift knob(shaped like a piston) and thats about the only...
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    hey every one im new to this site and i just got my 02 wrx. ( couldn't afford the sti) but well so far i have the suspension done and the exhaust as a cat back and soon i am getting an intake. but my first question is, is how far on the 02 models can i turn the PSI up. i think it is at 13 but...
  15. New 02' WRX owner and new forum user

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    Hi. I'm a proud new owner of an entirely stock 02' WRX. I don't even know why I bothered with any other car, I absolutely love the way my WRX drives! I just got it at 115k miles for $8,990 from a local dealer here in TN and it has a slight knock on a cold start. I understand this is fairly...
  16. New WRX member

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    I recently bought a 2002 WRX STI, however I am trying to buy a stage 2 clutch and lightweight flywheel. I am not a mechnic or anything but the guy who is going to install it told be 02 STI do not exist. My car has every option as an STI but nothing comes up showing that a 2002 sti exist. Any one...