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  1. New to this addiction called WRX

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    I am new to owning a WRX but have been around/working on cars and motorcycles my whole life. I am excited to learn and watch my bank account steadily decline due to this new addiction. As if I did not have enough expensive hobbies, what is one more. I just purchased a 2005 WRX wagon (MT) with...
  2. New WRX Owner!

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    Hey all! Just bought a 2017 WRX with the CVT transmission. I've done a lot of research over the years (love these cars), so I have pretty good understanding, but wanted to hear thoughts on any positive, fun, necessary, etc. mods that can be made. I'm not looking to turn in this into a full on...
  3. First time wrx owner

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I just purchased a 2005 wrx wagon a few days ago with 146,000mi, 4eat all stock. The car had one owner previously and was maintained well. Is there anything I have to cautious about? Turbo failure, etc. How will the transmission hold up if step on the gas from time to time?
  4. New and looking to buy a 2002-3 wrx wagon

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    Hey there everybody, I'm new to the site, and hopefully I'll be an owner of a wrx wagon soon. I've been looking at cars on craigslist and have found a few but everyone asks way more than what kelly blue book accesses the values at. All the cars do have multiple mods, including cold air intakes...
  5. Advice on purchasing used WRX

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    I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to cars, but recently I've been doing some research on it and am interested in getting a used WRX in the next year or two. What I'd like to know is what to look for/look out for, what price-to-mileage or price-to-year ratio is good. Unfortunately living...