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  1. Powertrain
    Got a 2015 Stage two, time for a clutch. Lot of ACT fanboys out there, anyone here have any recent opinions or preference? Considering a Stage 3, only drive on the weekends for fun, not for the track. Getting away from dual mass and going lightened flywheel. Aaaaaaand, GO!!!
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello, Like the title says, new to subaru! Just got my 2022 white WRX Limited a couple days ago. Any pointers and what to look out fors would be appreciated. I'm excited to start this journey. Coming from my stage 3 2019 accord. (Now totaled). Mods so far: STI Short throw shifter. Rain...
  3. Builds
    Hey my names Omen, Recently picked up a 04 wrx with a blown motor and had been sitting for a little while so it needs some love but I wasn’t having any progress with any other cars I wanted to it seemed like a good start. I’ve got people to help me with the swap but there’s a lot I still have to...
  4. Tri-State
    15+ Wrx/Sti Faction Fab FL spec coilovers. These are brand new 0 miles. I installed the front right but were quickly removed and never driven on. Im selling these for 650 obo!
1-4 of 4 Results