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  1. Detailing Forum
    I need help! My dash gauge screen is exctreamly blurry! I got The car a month ago or so and it was clear and now it’s fading to a smeared look. Window cleaner doesn’t work. I need Help is there a way to change out the screen and what would that part be called
  2. Engine Modifications
    Hi everyone, I am new to this website and I am just curious if anyone will have an answer for me. I have a 2015 WRX with a cobb tuner and cobb air intake (Nothing significant). NY requires inspections annually and with a COBB tuner installed, it always fails. Does anyone know if there is a...
  3. Builds
    So I just bought a used 04 STi and I need help with its current issues. First off it overheats when I’m in idle for a while but cools down when I drive. Coolant is topped off and the reservoir is at F. I suspect it’s the fans or a maybe a relay ? Second thing, it smells like gas after driving...
  4. Vendor Archived Threads
    Hello All, I am new to this, I am new to subaru, I know nothing. Subaru has been somewhere in my family forever. I currently drive a VW GTI. I am looking to buy a WRX and make it fast. I live in Seattle, I will drive to buy. I was looking at this one: 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX Silver 5...
1-4 of 4 Results