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  1. Buying modded advice

    Car Purchasing Forum
    Hi all, My 2015 Fiesta ST is going to the transmission shop today (to be diagnosed with hopefully just a minor issue) however this prompted me to begin searching for a back up plan. I was forwarded an add about a local 2019 wrx for sale with 8500mi’s. It has a protune and the tuner (who has an...

    Interior Mods
    Did my steering wheel i got the Suede and leather option. I think it looks really dope! what you guys think? I got this wrap from good people!
  3. Few questions about my new STI

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 2015 STI Limited with 49,000 miles. I knew going into it some modifications had been done but not sure exactly what. Went to Subaru had a health check up done and to make sure it was running a tune and not running a base stock and whether or not I should...
  4. Help, I think my new mods and tune made my car slower :/

    Engine Performance
    Hola, So I drive a 2015 wrx with 30k miles and I have a K&N CAI, and a Rev9 Catless 3" downpipe and an aftermarket single exit 3" exhaust with a cobb stage 2+ tune for such mods... I also just went from 17" rims to 18" so i have taken into thought the idea of my speedometer being off and thats...
  5. Stage 2? Newbie

    Engine Modifications
    Hi, I have been looking throught the form and I noticed a lot of talk about stage two and I am unsure what that means (newbie). I used to be big into bikes, but now wanted to get into cars. For Sweetiest day I picked up myself a new 2011 wrx. It came with the SPT catback exhaust and short throw...
  6. 2011 STI Mod Possibilities

    Engine Modifications
    Hey guys it's me again, so I think I'm gonna go with Magnaflow cbe (cuz I can get the sport 3" system for $500 brand new), Cobb AcessPort, and Cobb CAI and Air Box! Total cost of everything $1,280. Lemme know what you think and if theres any reason why I shouldn't get one of the Mods I listed...
  7. New to this Forum as well as to Subaru

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! I have recently made the wise decision to purchase a 2009 WRX sedan 265 :woocow: I love the car and will have photos up shortly. I need some advice....Its bone stock and I would love to mod it up a bit. Im already thinking a short throw and some kind of exhaust kit (I love the stage...
  8. 09 WRX MODS

    New Member Introductions
    is there an existing thread for a mod list for an 09 WRX and that will answer any questions i have?
  9. 2011 WRX Mods

    New Member Introductions
    I have a new 2011 Wrx and wanting to invest in mods. Basically I am wondering what mods I should buy first to last.
  10. For Sale 2002 Impreza WRX (Michigan)

    Vehicles for sale
    I have a 2002 WRX for sale Here's the link 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX/ No Crazy Mods but Still Fast!!!! Thanks for looking
  11. 2002 Subaru WRX- mods?

    New Member Introductions
    I just bought a 2002 Wrx with 121000 miles on it. It is completely stock and I want to know what are some good, PRACTICAL mods I can do to give it a bit more power. My dad and I have put in manual boost control which has helps boost the power a little bit and has helped bring some torque down...
  12. new 04 wrx..... love it!! :)

    Member Show-Off & Photography
    Have had my new wrx for almost a month now. I have an upgraded muffler, cold air intake, and a manual boost gauge. What would b the next step????
  13. requirements for stage 2?

    New Member Introductions
    im another newby but am in the process of getting a wrx and id appreciate if anyone could tell me what is needed to get ur car to be considered stage two. thanks for the help :wiggles:
  14. 2006 WRX Starting Mods.

    Engine Modifications
    Hey i am buying a new WRX at the end of august and am looking and modding it (after getting used to regular driving performance). I did a little research and this is what i would like to start off with. I live in Washington so i don't think i can mess with exhaust :( also i dont plan to Race...
  15. What should i look into?

    Engine Modifications
    I'm new to the Subaru world and i had a few small mod ideas. I have a 2010 four door. I'm mostly just looking to see what manufacturers would be recommeded for a intake, downpipe, catback, and a short throw shifter. is a short throw a part that i could install on my own or should i take it to a...
  16. Injector ?'s

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Just picked up my first WRX. I have been reading a lot of post and I've seen a few people state its best to swap out the injectors if your thinking about boosting the hp. I have an '02 wrx. I was thinking about putting in the Sti injectors(550cc?). I'm not going to mod over 285-300 hp...
  17. What can I expect?

    Engine Modifications
    I requested an aggressive tune from PDX Tuning and I have the following Mods: 2005 Subaru Wrx 2.0 Eagle Rods ACL Rod Bearings BC Valves BC Valvesprings BC Stage 2 272 Camshafts 06 WRX Turbo,(PDX says that 06 WRX's didn't come with IHI turbos, but I have heard IDK, I just put it...
  18. About to buy a WRX :D

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    So, you've all had to wait and save enough to buy that impreza?right? I will be purchasing my FIRST ever SUBARU in about 5 months time I know a lot of you had to wait to get the car you love, I'm 10k away from buying it how did you cope with the wait? I'm still 5 months away and it's killing...
  19. New to Modding and have a few questions!

    Engine Modifications
    Well i bought my wrx about a month back and am now looking to modify! When i first got it, it was running rich from a Turbo XS BOV and had no exhaust on it, and a SPT intake. I removed the Blow off Valve and installed some exhaust the kid had (no idea what it is, its got a giant fart can thats...
  20. more MPG??? & vortex generator?

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    hello guys and gals. i was wondering what you make of this and if you have any info on it or similar items. are they worth it??? and i also have found something called a vortex generator. i...