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  1. WRX vs STI...modding and daily drivability

    Comparison: WRX vs World
    Ok so im looking to purchase a 2015 or newer wrx. I plan on modding it after driving it stock for a few months. I want to squeeze as much power out of it(tune, upgrade turbo, brakes, suspension, etc) As possible without sacrificing its daily drivability. I plan on putting a lot of miles on it on...
  2. Replacing the clock with a radio head unit?

    Electronics/Car Audio
    Hey everyone. This is my second post here. New owner of an 04 WRX. I saw a picture yesterday of a radio head unit that had been installed where the dash clock normally sits. It left the entire double-DIN radio area open, but it looked super clean having a single-DIN head unit in place of the...
  3. STi SOHC Engine in a VW Beetle?

    Off Topic
    Ok, the name is a little misleading. I want to put a STi SOHC engine in my Sterling kit car. However this car is built on the same chassis as the VW Beetle. I have seen videos on youtube of some people that have replaced there old air cooled engines with BETTER Subaru STi engines. I have...