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maf sensor

  1. Anyone willing to let me toss their MAF on my 02 wrx to see if thats the reason I'm bucking in closed-loop? (TRI-CITIES, Richland)

    North Western States
    Hello, I am new here but am looking for someone willing to let me try a MAF transplant with their working MAF and drive around for ~20-30 min to see if my issues persist. Namely, in close-loop the car is really struggling to get moving and nearly stalling in first and second gear. There's...
  2. 02 wrx starts than dies if i dont rapidly pump the gas pedal.

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    My car has been sitting for 2 or 3 days because i have been installing a FMIC.. After I thought everything was good I started it and it died about 1 second later.. it revs up from starting then dies... I have tried cleaning the MAF sensor as well as tightening all of the piping as i best i...
  3. Is this my MAF? 06

    Engine Modifications
    so i have been searching for a answer to my question but nothing... So my problem is that i cant get my car to idle or even really drive with the maf plugged in. once i unplug it it idles and drives great with a loss of power... shortly before this i was in a low speed front end collision. I...
  4. MAF sensor problem

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    I did a spark plug change on my 02 WRX, and when I reassembled everything the car would start, rev up to 1.5k and then die. It took us forever to figure out that it was the MAF sensor, so we unplugged it and now it runs (I'm assuming it's running very rich to compensate). Of course it's throwing...
  5. MAF Sensor wiring help!

    Engine Modifications
    So basically the easiest way to put this is I am an idiot. I bought a cheap ECU chip called the "G BOX" off ebay and tried installing it myself. This required me to splice the IAT wire and the ground wire connected to the MAF sensor. I snipped and spliced the wrong ground wire which I thought...