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  1. Help finding a body shop near Southampton, NY......NYC parking garage damage!

    So I drove my car cross country from LA to Southampton, NY for my residency without any damage. Long story short a parking garage in NYC locked my keys in my car and decided to open the car door with a screw driver and damaged my car. They agreed to pay for the damage as they should. I'm new to...
  2. Laser jammer installer in NY tristate area?

    Interior Mods
    Hey guys, Long time reader, first time poster..... Just bought a Blinder X-treme M47 laser jammer for my 09 rex hatch (after getting nabbed on Sunrise Hwy) and it looks like the installation might be a little more involved than I originally thought (I have no audio or electical experience). I...
  3. HELP! Good Body Shops in ROC, LI or NYC!?

    Exterior & Appearance
    Hi, Does anyone know of a decent body shop in either the Rochester, LongIsland or NYC are? I need to get my silver 03 wrx's fender, bumpers, side skirts and hood repainted with some touch up here and there. Would like a decent/respectable job at a fair price. Also what do you guys think a...