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  1. Exterior & Appearance
    Does anybody know if this product here Does this when the turn signal is used?
  2. Exterior & Appearance
    I bought some aftermarket projector headlights for my 04 and am very disappointed they don't light up in front very well. anyone have any suggestions on which headlights are best.
  3. Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hi all! On my 2005 WRX wagon I've got this funky problem where my low beams don't turn off unless my handbrake is pulled up. My DRL's turn on when the headlight toggle is switched to low beam option, but that doesn't the low beam light at all. Any tips? Thanks -J.
  4. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hey everyone, I am selling my stock headlights for my '02 WRX. I don't have a need for them anymore and are just taking up space. Looking to get 175 bucks or best offer for both of them, local pickup or I can ship them as well. They were on the car for about 95k miles and do need to be buffed...
  5. New Member Introductions
    I just got an '04 wrx hatch, and it's great! Getting prepped for sale, so I dont even have pictures to post yet. But I just wanted to say Hi to the group, and post a thread. My car is all stock and in pretty great shape, but I was wondering what upgrades are most important for this car, what...
  6. Interior Mods
    Hey guys, I want to replace these little lights. So I'm wondering how they are connected. The top 3 lights (rear defrost, AC, and recirculation buttons) are on long prongs that got right back to the circuit board but don't appear to be soddered in, can I just pull these out and pop new ones in...
  7. Exterior & Appearance
    whatsup guys i have a basic 2011 wrx. i bought it without fog lights because where i live they're not really necessary but i have been thinking of changing my daytime lights to yellow. i have talked to a guy at a autopart store n he said the only way to get good quality yellow lights is to buy...
  8. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    After a weekend rally/camping, I seem to have lost a fog light cover on the drivers side of my '04 San Remo Red WRX. Needless to say, I need another one. I'll take anyone's used fog light surround, the stock plastic piece that fits around the bulb. If it's red, awesome. If it's not, I'm...
  9. Personal For Sale & Wanted
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  10. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Im a UK user and my car is only 3 months old, Impreza 2.5 WRX Turbo. Ive fitted a new backbox, K&N Air Induction Kit and a Forge BOV last weekend. All was well until the BOV was fitted, when I would temporarily lose power for about 1/3 of a second when changing gear at 5,000rpm. Then after...
  11. Exterior & Appearance
    I want to buy an HID kit for my WRX but im not sure which brand to go with. I see some kits from $70-$400. Not sure what to do. Any input would be great.
  12. Exterior & Appearance
    is there some way to disable the driving lights on my wrx? i can only find relays for (h/l R)&(h/l L).. these driving lights defeat the purpose of having a seperate fog light!!
  13. Exterior & Appearance
    08 wrx here. i wanted to know what lights i should get in order to get that white light look instead of the yellow. halogen? xenon?
  14. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    i took my 02 wrx to the dealership about a week and a half ago to get a fuel door cable fixed and check a loose wire under the dash. the cable was fixed and the wire turned out to be a wire from an astro start unit that was uninstalled. Ever since though, when i turn off my car it will buzz...
  15. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    ok, first off i am going to say that yes, i am new to the wrx world (i havent even set up an avatar ahaha). i got my bug eye about 2 weeks ago and on the way back from getting the title registered the slave cylinder went out... not a biggie, but none the less a headache. so when i replace it...
  16. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    when i open m doors or unlock with the fob my lighting system flashes. the guages, instrument panel, deck, exterior lights (except for headlamps) for like 45 seconds. anyone know what the issue could be?
  17. Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    something strange happens when i open my doors or unlock with the key fob. the lighting system flashes for lke 45 seconds. not jsut the 4 ways either. everything. the guages, instment panel, deck, lights outside (ecept for headlights). anyone know what could be going on?
  18. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Been on the car for 90k so that says the condition the covers are in. They could use some paint. One of the light needs a new bulb dont remember which one it is. I have both the brackets and the screws.....What you see is what you get. I want $130 OBO plus shipping
  19. Interior Mods
    got the running lights out. but cannont figure out how to get the high beams and body have step by step picture instruction?