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  1. For Sale Brand New K&N 69 Typhoon Cold Air Intake 02-05 2.0L WRX

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
  2. for sale cobb tuner 04 to 07 wrx typhoon intake

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    for sale cobb tuner 04 to 07 wrx ,$500 typhoon intake $200 turbo xs bov $100 [email protected] in ct
  3. Relative Newbie w/ Silly Intake Question Passing Emissions Test

    Engine Modifications
    Hello, new to the site, only my third post. Enjoying my 09 WRX. I was looking at getting the K&N Typhoon intake after seeing a review on Car and Driver - 17 HP and 21 pound feet at the wheels. I have seen both the positive and negative thoughts on intakes - but this seems like a reasonable...
  4. K&N Typhoon for 2009 WRX - Info From K&N themselves

    Engine Modifications
    Hi all, first post, new to the site, and Subbies - 09 WRX. I was researching purchasing this intake, especially after the posted gains by Car & Driver magazine, seemed like a cost effective mod - guess we can save that debate for a latter time. I had a question though looking at the K&N website...