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  1. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I’m looking to trade for a much more louder setup as this is pretty quiet for my liking. Preferably a Tomei or quad tip would be good for me. Only used for about 3000 miles so far. I’ll throw in extra cash if needed! Thank you and please message me if you’re located in the RVA area!
  2. Engine Modifications
    Thoughts on nameless axle back 5inch mufflers and q300 single exit for a 2008 wrx sedan. Which one is deeper? Which one is louder? Cant decide on an exhaust. And what do you guys think of the tsudo catback. Any other exhaust suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  3. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Invidia Catted Downpipe (P/N: HS08SW1DPC) run for only a couple of thousand mile. In original box. Asking $300 Also, have GrimmSpeed 3” to 2.5”(?) Adaptor, GrimmSpeed metal multilayer 3” gasket and Subaru 2.5” stock-type gasket, in great shape. No leaks. I have more parts if anyone is...
  4. Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, thanks to that ass Lokey :), I have been stricken with the desire to get a downpipe and flash my 2011 WRX to Stage 2. I currently have the Nameless Axleback exhaust, and was originally planning on getting the Full Nameless TBE. However, the Nameless downpipe is $600. It is a...
  5. Everyday Impreza Talk
    I have a 2011 WRX hatch and looking for a cat back exhaust i was thinking Invidia or Magnaflow both around the some price...:confused: Does anyone know which one is better? Or which one sounds better?
  6. Everyday Impreza Talk
    I have 2011 WRX 5 door and want to get a cat back exhaust. But not sure which one to get. Im thinking Invidia :confused: Does any one have a good video of a 2011 wrx hatch with a Invidia cat back??? Or any suggestions?
  7. Engine Modifications
    I have a 2002 WRX and I am about to get some of my first engine modifications... -Invidia n1 racing exhaust -Invidia v3 divorced catless downpipe -Invidia catless uppipe -Samco intercooler hoses And then after all that I would get a Cobb Accessport to do a stage 2 map... Does this sound like...
  8. Engine Modifications
    Just wondering if anyone could give me any advice or tips or maybe anything i need to know before i start installing the exhaust. I got the Invidia G200 CBE and Invidia downpipe. Any imput is appreciated. Thanks
  9. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Just like the title says, a brand new Invidia uppipe. I'd like to get $100 OBO for it and I'll pay for the shipping as long as its reasonable (continental US and Canada). I got this back when I was still toying with a stock location turbo, now I've gone to a rotated setup and don't need this...
  10. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Invidia N1 " Race" catback. This is the catless version. Brand new in box. Never mounted on a car or taken out of packaging. Includes silencer $500 without downpipe Invidia V3 Divorced Wastegate Catless Downpipe. This is brand new in box and has never been mounted on a car as well. $250 without...
  11. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I'm selling a HKS hi-power catback with an Invidia v3 downpipe thats capable of 500 hp. It has seen gains of 60+ hp with engine managment. I'm asking for $500 for the turboback exhaust. I live in southern california and you can call me at (714)876-7409
  12. Engine Modifications
    I've come across an Invidia N1 cbe that I plan on picking up this weekend...I just want to know what your guys' thoughts are. I've got a stock dowpipe that my current Evo 2 is mated to, without any leaks. Will this be the same case with the N1?