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  1. Interior Mods
    Did my steering wheel i got the Suede and leather option. I think it looks really dope! what you guys think? I got this wrap from good people!
  2. New England States
    Im looking for a shop in CT to do the tinting on my 02 wagon, does anybody know a good one?
  3. Interior Mods
    I have seen the carbon fiber look kit that subaru offers, but I was wondering if there any kits out there that are real carbon fiber?
  4. Interior Mods
    Has anyone had any custom interior work done on their 2011 WRX? I'm not talking anything crazy - I'm just thinking about breaking up some of the plastic on the door panels with some black or red fabric or other material that would spice it up a bit. I haven't called any custom upholstery shops...
  5. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Selling almost an entire '05 STi interior. All 4 door cards, front passanger seat with frame, driver-side seat-back and bottom cushion (minus frame), rear seat bottom and back, and carpeting. The interior is in a clean used condition. All panels are free from major defect. I am not sure about...
  6. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    ~~OKAY STi Wing I'm lookin at $200 or Trade for the Megan Racing S202 Replica. (shoot offers) will SHIP ~~I have STi 07 full interior and I'm lookin for trade for maybe like bride or sparco seats ~~Aspen White Duraflex A-Spec front bumper ($200) shoot me an offer will ship at your cost I'll...
  7. Interior Mods
    Does someone know how to remove the top door trim (highlighted in red)? I want to matte black vinyl this area because the grey plastic looks cheap and is prone to scratches. It seems like this is one of the best approches to improving the interior feel, so it doesn't feel as "plastic-y". I plan...
  8. Interior Mods
    I need to replace mine and I found another member that's parting out his 05 wagon in another state. Does anyone know if those door cards will fit on my 04's doors? Just wanna know before I pay for them.
  9. Interior Mods
    Does anyone know of any cool interior mods for a 2003 WRX?
  10. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    i have a 2004 silver wrx with a totaled body but the interior and all mechanics is in mint condition. im in the rockland county ny area and can deliver. im looking for 3,000 and willing to bargain. pleeeease email at [email protected] and do not contact me here.
  11. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    2004 wrx with totaled body damage only! the interior and everything else in mint condition. im looking to sell the whole thing for 6,000 or best offer. PLEASE email because ill check it more often at [email protected] will deliver in the rockland county, ny area. any where else pickup only
  12. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Disclaimer: This is all first come, first serve. Yes, I might do a "pending sale" for items that I'm not ready to sell, or for someone that's genuinely interested, but if someone shows up at my door with cash in hand, its sold. Not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, or piss anyone off, it's just...