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  1. Engine Modifications
    Hi. I have a 2017 WRX and I am looking at installing an upgraded intercooler. Which are the best options and why? What kind of HP could I expect? I am currently stage 2. And I am looking what to do next to get some more power and/or torque. Or is there something I should do first or...
  2. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have a used Spearco TMIC that has approximately 7000 miles on it. I am going with a rotated set up so I will no longer need this. It comes with all the mounting hardware and hood shroud. I am located in the SoCal area. I will accept paypal and Venmo. Please text me bc I never check these...
  3. Engine Modifications
    So this weekend I did the vf52 swap. I also installed Cobb turbo inlet, Cobb sf intake, and Rev9 catless DP. I’m going to run the TP 2.52 tune. The problem is, I think the vf52 that I bought (rev9) sits lower somehow in the engine bay, and the AVO top mount I’m trying to install is significantly...
  4. Engine Modifications
    hi i want to buy a tmic on my02 wrx i was thinking about getting an fmic but apparently they create turbo lag and its too much hassal too put on so i was thinking about getting this tmic...
  5. Engine Modifications
    Wondering if anyone could help me identify this front mount, Ive been told its turbo xs and Ive been told its an ebay knockoff.
  6. Engine Modifications
    I have an '04 wrx wagon, and was wondering what the biggest tmic it could fit was and what a good aftermarket radiator would be for it. Thanks for the help and great forum
  7. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have the following parts for sale. They were taken off the car, after less than 10k and replaced with aftermarket. Complete exhaust from turbo Turbo - SOLD Intercooler Samco intercooler hose Stock radiator hoses Stock intercooler hoses Bypass valve Hood scoop (silver) Air splitter Up-pipe...
  8. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Kind of a horror story here: So I purchased my very first - Stock, 2004 WRX, 72K - one week ago from a dealer. This week I drove it on a 3 hr trip to visit family. While on the highway, I noticed the turbo was kicking in-and-out, almost unnoticeable. After a bit the turbo stopped engaging and...
  9. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Looking to purchase a bigger TMIC or FMIC. :bump:
  10. Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hey guys, I just got my first Subaru Impreza WRX 2003 bugeye two weeks ago. I am loving this thing to death, definitely beats my old civic and e36. Yesterday, I traded my WRB hood for a Carbon Fiber hood with a reverse scoop and I mentioned it to the previous owner of my WRX, he said that I...
  11. Everyday Impreza Talk
    So I have a 2005 WRX and I noticed oily residue coming from the Y shaped hard plastic tube that runs from the turbo to the intercooler. The plastic tube has a crack in it so I ordered a new one. I have not had the part taken off but is it common for oily residue to be in this area? I am just...
  12. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Like the title says, pm me or email if you are selling and include pics and price please, thanks [email protected]
  13. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have a craigslist page that has pics and details of all the parts, and it's listed as pick up only, but if you want it and are willing to pay the shipping cost, then I can send it, just send me a pm on a part and we'll discuss the price, but I really just have to get rid of these parts... All...
  14. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    -All parts are STOCK from a 2002 WRX sedan and all parts were in PERFECT WORKING CONDITION before removal :thumbup: -Prices include shipping. Local pickup available in Rochester, MN -PM offers or if you want pictures (include email and what parts you're interested in) -Paypal preferred, money...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Has anyone installed air temperature gauges at the inlet and outlet of their intercoolers? I have thought about doing thing, but not even sure if it's possible. I've only found temperature gauges that max at 150F. If you have, any guidance?
  16. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Selling a great condition Greddy Type RS blow off valve. Used but in VERY good condition! Original Classified listing at the following URL: VWvortex Forums: FS Greddy RS Blow Off Valve with Recirculatory Setup
  17. Engine Modifications
    i need a new bad ass intercooler kit any suggestions?
  18. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    [COLOR="Black"]VF39 Turbo-$400 shipped obo STi Intercooler-$325 shipped obo Together - send me an offer. Grass in the IC - have to clean out then will take pics-i will email those-easier that way.
  19. Exterior & Appearance
    The tmic is horridly vulnerable to bent fins due to rocks, bugs, debris entering the hood scoop. Solution is to block the debris with a screen. I've seen this done 2 ways. 1. lay a screen over the intercooler. Not very effective imo because if the screen gets bent, the intercooler fins, in...
  20. Exterior & Appearance
    hey i have a perrin fmic on my sti and when i was installing it the perrin stencil that comes with it to paint the intercooler with accidentally got thrown away.. so i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get a new stencil? thanks..