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  1. ENGINE MODS (STARTERS) (fuel pumps...injectors etc...)

    New Member Introductions
    Coming back to this post three years later, my god. How ignorant and silly my 18 year old self was. clear cut case of wish posting. Jesus lol.
  2. Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Closed Bank 1- Help!!

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    2005 WRX w/225k miles (I drive a lot) Stock Ok, in my previous thread I needed to replace the small hose on the oil cooler due to a pin-hole coolant leak. My neighbor ended up doing the work by taking off the catalytic converter (turbo) so he could reach it. The gasket between the turbo and Cat...
  3. For Sale SPT High Flow Air Intake System

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Sold! Hi All, I have the follow item for sale. SPT High Flow Air Intake System (SOA8431000) New in Box! Includes all hardware, instructions, sticker, original box and packaging. Applicability: Impreza WRX (2002-2007) & STI (2004-2007) Retail Price: $209.95 + Shipping Your Price: $155...
  4. K&N typhoon intake

    Engine Modifications
    I was just wondering what your views on the K&N typhoon intake. Thinking about going with somthing different later on.
  5. 1 MONTH TURBO XS SUPER SALE for 08+ Subaru WRX/STI!

    Get ready to save some money with Kronos Performance's 1 Month Super Sale on select TurboXS Products for your 2008+ Subaru WRX and STI! Sale starts today 10/16/2011 and ends on 11/16/ coupon needed, just purchase on the pages below! TURBO XS 08+ WRX/STI FRONT MOUNT INTERCOOLER...
  6. Spt intake with cobb ap ?

    Engine Modifications
    Does anyone know if the Cobb stage 1 or stage 1+ maps are compatible with the spt intake? Or how it performs.... I just got the ap and want to know if I should install it now or grab the Cobb sf instead.... Thanks.
  7. Perrin Radiator Shroud?

    Engine Modifications
    does anyone know if the perrin radiator shroud fits with the stock airbox on a 2011 WRX?
  8. Lag with Perrin Intake around 4k - 4.5k rpms...

    Engine Modifications
    I just installed a used Perrin Intake on my 09 WRX... Current Mods include SPT CBE and stock DP. any reason there is a little lag around 4k to 4.5 rpms? otherwise i like it and it sounds like i have a BOV installed. Whats your guys' input?
  9. PERRIN FMIC install help needed

    Engine Performance
    :shakehead: Hello all i recently just purchased a fmic for my 2004 sti. I am having problems with installing it i just want to have some things verified. Upon installing perrins fmic i have run into several issuses. 1- fuel lines and ac lines - DO you have to leave them unmounted from the...
  10. here'z my story. new rex owner.

    New Member Introductions
    i've alway's wanted a wrx. found one i felt comfortable buying so i got rid of my yota x-runner. its an 03 bug eye. few days after i bought it i change to mobil 1 then about 2 weeks later i spun a rod bearing. so my buddy recommend this gas station. so i go up there and talk to em. don't seem to...
  11. cobb sf vs. subaru spt intake?

    Engine Modifications
    i currently am running a subaru spt high flow intake in my 07 wrx. and am looking at the cobb sf... which one will give me better results with the cobb ap... and sound...
  12. Need To know what Intake i should get!! first engine mod..

    Engine Modifications
    So i have the new 2011 subura wrx (hatchback) and i love her.. I am making my first engine mod and thought it would be a good idea to add in an Intake. I know that i want a cold air but not sure what kind.. Anyone have any good suggestions? any advice will help.
  13. For Sale Blitz intake MRT inlet and misc JDM STi items.

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Selling a few parts I don't need anymore while prepping for a build I'm doing. MRT downpipe with hi-flo cat $80 (rear section was cut) JDM v8 twinscroll downpipe with custom rear section $80 WRX grill with pink I badge $40 ABS unit $50 Turbo XS Tuner $100 HVAC controls $35 Center trim $25...
  14. For Sale NEW Perrin V2 Black Short Ram Intake (Black)

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  15. What should i look into?

    Engine Modifications
    I'm new to the Subaru world and i had a few small mod ideas. I have a 2010 four door. I'm mostly just looking to see what manufacturers would be recommeded for a intake, downpipe, catback, and a short throw shifter. is a short throw a part that i could install on my own or should i take it to a...
  16. Want To Buy Looking for TMIC-FMIC

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Looking to purchase a bigger TMIC or FMIC. :bump:
  17. Want To Buy Blouch TD06H-20GXT

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Looking for a new turbo for my sti for a good deal. :wiggles:
  18. New parts to finish proper tune

    Engine Modifications
    I took my car to get it re-tuned this evening and found out that the previous owner had a crazy tune set up on it. I now need to get a few more components so that I can finish out the tune properly. The stock restrictor pill is missing, should I replace it or get a 3-port? I need to replace the...
  19. Stage three power package by vivid racing?is it to good to be true?

    Engine Modifications
    Hi I just bought a 2008 WRX and its my first Subaru. Traded in my 98 3000gt. I was looking for the best modifications on the web and I ran across A stage 3 performance package and I was wondering if there is anything else i would have to invest into for everything to run properlly and if the hp...
  20. For Sale Short Ram Intake

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Weapon-R Dragon Short Ram Intake 2.5 inch diameter pipe