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  1. Exterior & Appearance
    Hey guys I was browsing around for HID installs on the 3G WRX and had found a few tutorials with pictures and what not. However I am a total newb when it comes to things like this and was still confused since there is a hole that needs to be drilled out. In addition I did not know how to wire...
  2. Everyday Impreza Talk
    Okay so I ordered a TurboXS hybrid BOV. It got here and i wasn't home so my neighbor picked it up for me.. Wellllll bad idea.. To make a long story short his kids went and got into the box and scattered the hardware everywhere. I recovered most of it EXCEPT the instructions.. They were tore up...
  3. Suspension & Wheels
    I am wondering if anyone knows any tricks getting a OEM strut and spring back in the front. No matter what I do I can't get enough room to bolt the strut back to wheel hub bracket.
  4. Interior Mods
    Going through older threads to find out info for install/products for my 2006 Wrx. I’m looking to not break the bank. But I’m looking to upgrade the sound quality as well as being able to hardwire my iphone in there. Basically I just want my iTunes to play, and was told by the dealer as well as...
  5. Transmission & AWD
    So i bought a new oem exedy clutch, and took my transmission out on my 2004 wrx and now i am going to put it in and dont know how to put the fork in. Do i put the throw out bearing in the clutch and put the fork in then or what i am totally clueless and cant find any videos please help!
  6. Interior Mods
    was lookin at the auto-meter single a-pillar gauge pod... any opinions?... hows the fit on an 07 wrx?
  7. Electronics/Car Audio
    Hi, I have a 2010 Subaru Wrx hatchback and was wondering if anyone knew how to install a subwoofer under the driver seat. I bought it from subaru. Video tutorials would be helpful. thanks
  8. Suspension & Wheels
    i just received my whiteline swaybars f/r 24mm and kartboy endlinks :D. i searched for the installation process and i found some, i would just like to ask if anyone else has a link on a detailed guide on a 07 wrx install. also which setting should i go with? and how? this is my second mod...