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  1. FS EJ257 Parts

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have a few random parts laying around from a '07 build that is no longer going to happen. Need these gone all are o.b.o buyer pays for Paypal fees and shipping from Louisville Ky. DeatschWerks 1200cc Top Feed Injectors with PNP adapters. I would suggest getting these cleaned and new rings...
  2. For Sale WTS: DW 750cc top feed injectors $200

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    It's time for an E85 tune. The only reason im selling is I just got DW1300's. They were flow tested by DW approx 25k ago. I'm local to vallejo / fairfield/ san francisco/ dublin areas. Will ship at no extra charge!! $200 Keywords: after market injectors deatschwerks tune top feed
  3. For Sale stock turbo & injectors

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I'm selling my stock Turbo of an 02 wrx and injectors. They both have about 100,0xx when I switch them. Both parts are in well working condition. Throw me an offer but a reasonable one. Also have stock 02 rims with tires for sale. Painted white. Very nice looking. Pm me!
  4. Drilling out Injectors Questions

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    I have heard of some people drilling out or cutting of the cap to their injectors to make them 750's or 850's. Does anyone have any insight on this whole theory?? What size drill bit do you use? or do you cut off the cap? If anyone has done this or thought about doing this, please give me some...
  5. SeaFoam

    Maintenance, service, and repair
    Today I took the time to put Seafoam into my car...I put 1/3 of a 16oz can into my fuel tank to clean fuel injectors, 1/3 into the engine block and 1/3 into the vacuum line of the BPV. Everything went great however after smoke had cleared, I noticed some smoke comming from near the turbo....does...
  6. Planning for the Future!

    Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, I just bought my Bugeye Wagon and my goal is 315 whp... after talking to some of my subbie buddies I found out that I'm not gonna reach 315whp without going bigger turbo. SO, what I'm searching to find out is which turbo is gonna perform best for that specific horse power range. and...
  7. Injector ?'s

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Just picked up my first WRX. I have been reading a lot of post and I've seen a few people state its best to swap out the injectors if your thinking about boosting the hp. I have an '02 wrx. I was thinking about putting in the Sti injectors(550cc?). I'm not going to mod over 285-300 hp...
  8. car not driving right after new turbo

    Engine Modifications
    hello everyone, today i finished installing vf39, sti intercooler, and the light blue 07 sti injectors. I know i need to tune the car after these mods but i broke the obdII connector or whatever its called for the cobb ap i ordered a new connector so it should be here by tomorrow or tuesday. I...
  9. Injector question

    Engine Modifications
    So I have 2.5 inch equal length headers and up, the stock turbo, and a 3 inch catless tbe. Also a 3 inch cai and perrin turbo inlet on my 04 wrx. Never had any problems till recently. My afr's are suddenly running at 14.7:1 from idle tapering to about 12.8 at 3500 rmps and at about 4000 it drops...
  10. STI Mods questions

    Engine Modifications
    Hello guys, I have a '07 STI which had major engine problem a few weeks ago. I'm in the process of rebuilding it. I already purchased CP pistons (Stock CR and bore), Eagle H Beam Rods, Cosworth Bearings, a Walbro fuel Pump and an ACT Street clutch. I have to buy a nuw turbocharger (yes, it...
  11. WTB OEM injectors from an STI or WRX

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    hey let me know what you got. 206 715-0233 text is faster
  12. 2005 wrx part out !! everything must go cheap prices

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    i have a 2005 wrx wagon that i am parted out everything for cheap you need it let me know everything has 50k on it engine - 2200 trans- 1800 interior parts exterior parts electronic parts ecu turbo inectors seats dash wheels brakes rear end bumpers radiator any part you can think of...
  13. FS(socal): PE 800cc Injectors

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
  14. Wtb sti injectors

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Wanting to buy some used sti injectors. Message me if you have some.
  15. WTB: VF34 and/or Injectors

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hello! I am trying to track down the best price for a VF34 turbo, STI Pink Injectors & Fuel Pump for my 2004 WRX Wagon.. The parts don't necessarily need to be brand new, as long as they work like it. The car isn't new either. :) You can send a message to my e-mail using the forum. (I also...
  16. Fmic and injectors size

    STi Technical Forum
    I am about to add a fmic to my 07 sti. i have stock fuel injectors and pump what size should they be upgraded to. as well as any other mods to go with
  17. 02' WRX check engine light

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    It keeps intermittently throwing a check engine code for a misfire in cylinder 3. The injector in that cylinder supposedly went bad and was replaced not too long ago. Is this electrical or what? When I start the car, sometimes I can feel that the cylinder is completely out but as soon as I blip...