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impreza rs

  1. Will 03-07 pink sti springs fit in my stock 05 impreza rs struts?

    Suspension & Wheels
    Hey guys I'm only just getting into the subaru scene and I was wondering if 03-07 pink sti springs will fit into my stock 05 impreza rs struts? I've heard they will from some people and they wont from others so I just want to confirm. Also I'm just wondering how much they will lower the car if...
  2. For Sale 98 rs/02 WRX swap--eastern KY

    Vehicles for sale
    I have some leaking vacuum lines and losing some pressure. It's professionally tuned so it throws everything off. I'm pricing it at $7000 simply because the motor has such low miles(around 40k), and the chassis is under 90k. With some work and very little money it would be a great car, like it...
  3. Wtb impreza rs

    Vehicles for sale
    Want to buy a 2000 model impreza RS (or newer if the price is right). I live in Nashville Tn and I'm not able to drive out farther then 200 miles. I am looking for one that is in good condition. Can pay in full. Message/email me for price/negotiations. I have been searching for this car for what...