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  1. Instruments (Speed, Tach, Gas, Temp) not Illuminating

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    I just put a new head unit in my 2000 subaru outback wagon. Half way through the install my dashboard stopped illuminating. Everything is dark except for the gear indicators (P,R,N,D,3,2,1) and turning signals. I already checked 2 fuses that i thought may have blown, both were fine. I also...
  2. Stock Boost Gauge Help? (2002 WRX)

    Electronics/Car Audio
    Problem: My factory installed boost gauge won't light up. I bought my '02 WRX wagon last April that came with the factory installed Lamco boost gauge on the column but the light has never worked. I just figured it didn't come with a bulb but recently took it apart and sure enough it does. I...