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  1. 2005 WRX having some weird/bad issues. HELP!

    Engine Modifications
    OK so I purchased this car about 6 months ago. Started having issues, turned out to be rings in cyls 2 and 4 were shot. The car was modded before I bought it pretty heavily I assume. So they fixed that brand new short block etc. Fixed the shaky start up and you can feel all the power from the...
  2. @WOT 06 STi Sputters above 3k rpm

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Car has 46K miles Oil, Power Steering Belt, spark plugs all done recently. Cat Back Exhaust Just replaced stock air filter with a K&N filter element. Other than the above listed, the only other things done to the car was an install of a utec with a stage 1 map and parameters (from their site)...