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help !!!

  1. 2015 wrx Ignition fuse keeps blowing

    Maintenance, service, and repair
    So I’ve never had any issues with my car ever and randomly my car shuts off while driving and blows the ignition fuse. I’ve been protuned for over 3 years and not one issue. I took it to the dealership after uninstalling my tune for them to look at it and they said it was “fine” and that nothing...
  2. should i or shouldn’t buy a 2008 wrx hatchback?

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    hey guys i’ve been looking at a 2008 impreza wrx hatchback it’s the premium and has 87 thousand miles on it and is being sold at a dealer for 10k this would be my first car but as i done research the 2008 wrx is supposedly the slowest most hated year i was looking to add a bigger turbo in the...
  3. 07 WRX Trans help needed

    Engine Modifications
    Ok i need help I need a good trans that can handle big power for a 07 wrx my trans has completely gone to shit and i need a new /better one that can actually hold the power that im going to run.
  4. 02 wrx hybrid help?

    Hey guys I got my 02 wrx bot a year a go and as of recently I have gone and wrecked the block. I went to the local rockers and got an Ej25 single cam (if that makes a difference) and I've torn it down and put my heads on it( after getting the machine shop to work them abit for me) but now the...
  5. Wondering what STI I should buy? (For Tuning and fun)

    New Member Introductions
    I'm currently in the market for an Older 4WD tuner car, and of course i'm a huge subaru fan boy. All my cars have been subarus and I work at an tuning shop that everyone loves on Subarus. However, I'm having trouble finding a really good STI and/or reasons to get an STI over like an evo 9. Any...
  6. Blown Head Gasket '02 (STOCK) WRX need some advice

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    144,000 miles, stock, oil changed regularly. I took the utmost care of this car and one day the radiator blew out, so I thought... Took it to my local subaru dealership to have it replaced and checked out, as it got fairly hot and I wanted it thoroughly checked out before I drove it again. I get...
  7. 2005 WRX 2.0 MT - Speedo Gear

    South Western States
    I have a 2005 WRX 2.0L MT with approx 90K. My speedo gear is out and I need to fix it in order to get the car smogged for registration. Car runs and drives fine, but the Check Engine Light is on. I have already replaced the Speed Sensors and verified the problem. I am in the Palm Springs Area...
  8. Wanted: Front Passenger side Silver 2003 Fender (bugeye)

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hi, I am new to ClubWRX. I decided to purchase a silver 03 wrx last summer as my first car. I love it!! especially in the winter!! Uncomfortably, I messed up my passenger side fender and side skirt (mostly the black panel). As a college student with limited funds, I decided to live with it...