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help !!!

  1. should i or shouldn’t buy a 2008 wrx hatchback?

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    hey guys i’ve been looking at a 2008 impreza wrx hatchback it’s the premium and has 87 thousand miles on it and is being sold at a dealer for 10k this would be my first car but as i done research the 2008 wrx is supposedly the slowest most hated year i was looking to add a bigger turbo in the...
  2. 07 WRX Trans help needed

    Engine Modifications
    Ok i need help I need a good trans that can handle big power for a 07 wrx my trans has completely gone to shit and i need a new /better one that can actually hold the power that im going to run.
  3. 02 wrx hybrid help?

    Hey guys I got my 02 wrx bot a year a go and as of recently I have gone and wrecked the block. I went to the local rockers and got an Ej25 single cam (if that makes a difference) and I've torn it down and put my heads on it( after getting the machine shop to work them abit for me) but now the...
  4. Wondering what STI I should buy? (For Tuning and fun)

    New Member Introductions
    I'm currently in the market for an Older 4WD tuner car, and of course i'm a huge subaru fan boy. All my cars have been subarus and I work at an tuning shop that everyone loves on Subarus. However, I'm having trouble finding a really good STI and/or reasons to get an STI over like an evo 9. Any...
  5. Blown Head Gasket '02 (STOCK) WRX need some advice

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    144,000 miles, stock, oil changed regularly. I took the utmost care of this car and one day the radiator blew out, so I thought... Took it to my local subaru dealership to have it replaced and checked out, as it got fairly hot and I wanted it thoroughly checked out before I drove it again. I get...
  6. 2005 WRX 2.0 MT - Speedo Gear

    South Western States
    I have a 2005 WRX 2.0L MT with approx 90K. My speedo gear is out and I need to fix it in order to get the car smogged for registration. Car runs and drives fine, but the Check Engine Light is on. I have already replaced the Speed Sensors and verified the problem. I am in the Palm Springs Area...
  7. Wanted: Front Passenger side Silver 2003 Fender (bugeye)

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hi, I am new to ClubWRX. I decided to purchase a silver 03 wrx last summer as my first car. I love it!! especially in the winter!! Uncomfortably, I messed up my passenger side fender and side skirt (mostly the black panel). As a college student with limited funds, I decided to live with it...