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    Exterior and Appearance
    Hi! I have a 2017 WRX and I am looking at headlight upgrades! Which is the one to go with....LED or HID? Should I do bulbs and conversion or replace the entire headlight? What is everyone’s thoughts on the C-shape look? Yea or nah? Any insight would be amazing! There is so many choices...
  2. Low beams suck

    Exterior & Appearance
    Okay so I went from a 95 Silverado which I converted to led bulbs to my 16 wrx which I thus used the same company auxbwam. Generally my Silverado didn’t have the projector housing light the wrx. My wrx is a base model. So I swapped to led thinking it would help. Now I generally think they are...
  3. Headlight Ballast Gone Bad

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    I have a 2010 STi and my drivers side headlight is out, I was told by the dealership that its the ballast and that its going to be about $700 for the part and install. Thats stupid. So now I'm debating getting these led bulbs or just getting two new led headlights. I know the HIDs that I...
  4. Wrx 2011 aftermarket headlight upgrade

    Exterior & Appearance
    Sup guys, Looking for aftermarket headlight (c lights) that have positive rating/reviews - durability . I have search some sites but would like to know what others have found. Thanks in advance.
  5. My headlights have been molested >:(

    Exterior & Appearance
    So I've owned my 2010 WRX for about 7 months now. I'm not really one to modify my car as I feel that if it works and gives me enjoyment to drive, that's just perfect. I noticed the other day that I had condensation in my headlights. Annoyed at this I asked the local dealer who said they'd look...
  6. 2011 Headlamp fogging

    Exterior & Appearance
    I have a 2011 WRX and a few months after i picked it up i noticed a gaseous fog appearing on the upper half of the lens. Being under warranty, the dealer agreed to replace both lamps. Now with the new lamps, i'm getting a large dose of condensation gathering in the lamps when i go through the...
  7. For Sale 2002 WRX HEADLIGHTS

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hey everyone, I am selling my stock headlights for my '02 WRX. I don't have a need for them anymore and are just taking up space. Looking to get 175 bucks or best offer for both of them, local pickup or I can ship them as well. They were on the car for about 95k miles and do need to be buffed...
  8. For Sale OEM Bugeyes (headlights) left & right

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Off my 03 WRX, right headlight is missing mounting tab in rear of light but will not affect mounting.( I drove for 6000 miles with the tab broken, light does not bounce or move while driving). Both are original and have minor oxidation but have been polished back to a fine shine. All bulbs...
  9. For Sale Fl 02/03 Bugeye Retrofits

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have a brand new set of retrofitted bugeye headlights for sale. Brand headlights only used for fitting and alignments no scratches on lens. These are lhd so no blinding on-coming traffic. Morimoto Mini d2s Bixenon Projectors Gatlin Gun Shrouds 100mm Cffl Rings Everything Painted Black...
  10. WTB: 04 05 wrx headlight housings

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hello all. I would like to buy some 04 05 wrx headlight housings (both left and right) to do a retrofit or even buy a set of 04 05 wrx/sti projector headlights if they are available. Must be in good condition with minimal scratches. PM me or post for reply. Thanks a lot in advance.
  11. how to adjust headlights on '08 wrx?

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    one headlight is shines a bit higher than the other. how do i adjust them? i see a little screw on the back of the headlight assembly.. it has a philips head in the middle of a hex head bolt, t is that it? which way is which? is there a vertical as well as a horizontal adjustment? the...
  12. Angel eyes on a 2007 WRX

    Exterior & Appearance
    I want to put angel eyes on my 2007 wrx. does anyone know where i could buy a good pair? i also want to wire it to its own switch that also controls my daytime runners. any tips??
  13. Purple/White headlights for my 2005 WRX?

    Exterior & Appearance
    I have the stock bulbs and I was wondering how I could get the purple/white looking ones some modified subaru's and other cars like Audi have? Can I just buy the bulb to make it do this or do I have to do something else? Also where could I buy bulbs like this?
  14. Exclusive Halo LED Projector Headlights for 04-05 WRX

    This is our New Exclusive Halo LED Projector Headlights for 04-05 Subaru WRX, we have chrome and black housing available. I would like to start a group buy and they are selling for MSRP $350, and if more than 10 people sign up, the group buy price is $280+$25 shipping. These Headlights also...
  15. Hi Everyone~

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, Want to share with everyone these 04-05 wrx halo projector headlights. please check it out and feel free to leave comment about these headlights...
  16. 02 Bugeye WRX JDM Headlights Help

    Exterior & Appearance
    Hi, new to this forum! Just recently purchased a the aforementioned WRX because it looked so BADA**. Anyway, I have a technical issue with the headlights. As far as I can tell (because Ive searched and searched) they are JDM. Now my problem is, my headlights have no 'Dip' only full-time...