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  1. Starlink/Back up cam/Head died - How to troubleshoot

    Electronics/Car Audio
    The starlink/center console screen in my 2016 WRX died this week. I checked the fuses, they're not blown. Now I've got to check wires and behind the dash, anyone have experience with this? Tips on where to start?
  2. 2017 Wrx HU Replacement

    Interior Mods
    Was looking to replace the underwhelming HU and speakers in my 2017 WRX Premium without navigation and without the Upgraded Harmon kardon sound system. Was scrolling through the forums here already and was wondering if anyone had any luck with the Alpine ILX W650 HU. I want to keep the...
  3. 2016 WRX Head Unit Replacement

    Electronics/Car Audio
    Hi guys, owner of a 2016 WRX here with what I hope is a pretty straightforward question. The glass screen on my stock head unit cracked, and now the touch screen functionality is completely gone. I'm looking to replace it with another stock head unit (was going to buy another used one on ebay)...
  4. Android head unit

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Good morning everyone. My first mod was an android head unit, idoing 9" after watching a youtube install. I've had it since December and I really like it. Last weekend I took my gf to Atlantic City for a few days. During the trip, the installed GPS app closed and wouldn't reopen in the middle...
  5. For Sale 2011 Sti Limited Navigation Headunit

    Tri-State Local For Sale Only !
    Hey guys i put a whole new sound system in my car. I'm selling the factory touchscreen head unit. Has navigation, am/fm, iPod hookup (usb and aux), mpg display, some subaru factory accel controls (don't know what they do lol), and many other things. The head unit is brand new i put a new system...
  6. 2011 DGM WRX Premium; Intro Thread

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I'm Nick, I've had my WRX for a few months now, and although I was a member before I even had my car, I am just now finding the time to post. Current Mods: I read that the sound system in the car was not going to be that great... and when I got it I found that (especially at...
  7. 2011 WRX Aftermarket HU & Subwoofer

    Electronics/Car Audio
    Firstly, I would like to state that I do not have my car (yet). I'm told it's about 1-2 weeks out and I just couldn't wait to start upgrading. I have already ordered: Pioneer AVH-P3300BT double-din head unit Pioneer CD-IU50V USB Cable for Ipod/Iphone Metra Axxess ASWC Steering Wheel Control...
  8. 2006 Stereo set up questions

    Interior Mods
    Going through older threads to find out info for install/products for my 2006 Wrx. I’m looking to not break the bank. But I’m looking to upgrade the sound quality as well as being able to hardwire my iphone in there. Basically I just want my iTunes to play, and was told by the dealer as well as...
  9. For Sale/Trade: Sony X-Plod Head unit

    NES: Local For Sale Only !
    For Sale/Trade: Sony X-Plod Head Unit / Paintball Gear / Airsoft / Routers / BB Guns Anything listed in this thread im willing to trade for WRX parts This is the head unit I pulled out of my last car. Model number : cdx-gt640ui Awesome unit its pretty much brand new. Has both AUX and USB...
  10. For Sale: Stock Nav Unit from 2009 Sti

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I bought a new head unit for my 2009 sti. I'd like to sell the original factory navigation unit for $400 or best offer. Let me know if you're interested.
  11. New in Knoxville

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All - I purchased a 2010 5 door about 2 weeks ago. After test driving a few other performance hatchbacks I just kept coming back to the WRX. The car was a demo unit being driven by a manager who supposedly already did the cobb stage 1 flash on it. Is there a way to see if that's true...
  12. ubiquitous head unit question

    Electronics/Car Audio
    i know there's a ton of these. I hope you don't mind one more. looking to replace the stock head unit in my '02 wrx. But first I wanted to know a little more about what was already in there... like is the sub a true sub? Does it require its own preamp output? And should I be looking at HUs...
  13. Question about speaker upgrade?

    Interior Mods
    I have an 07 impreza 2.5i and the stock speakers and head unit are horrible. I am looking to get some cheap upgrades from crutchfield to improve my sound and hook my ipod up. This is what I came up with can someone confirm these will work. Front Speakers-Kicker 07DS600 2-way car speakers For...
  14. New stereo help please

    Electronics/Car Audio
    I have a 2005 WRX and I want to replace the stock head unit with an aftermarket head unit. The original stereo place is too big and I know I need something that makes it smaller for the new head unit and also leaves a little pocket underneath. I can't seem to find one and I don't know what...
  15. 09 aftermarket stereo install

    Cockpit and Cabin
    I am thinking about replacing the stock head unit in my WRX. Is the stereo hard to get out? Are there any tutorials showing how to do this? Thanks in advance
  16. [FL] Kenwood DDX7017 (Dual Din)

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    [FL] Kenwood DDX7017 [SOLD] Kenwood DDX7017 double din and the iPod Adapter.[/url] I have it on its box with the manual and all. $550 SOLD!!!
  17. FS - Pioneeer ADT-VA133 Double / 2 Din Dash Mounting Kit ADTVA133 for Navigation NEW

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    BRAND NEW - Pioneeer ADT-VA133 Double / 2 Din Dash Mounting Kit ADTVA133, great for installing double din size reciever units, either made by or not made by pioneer, Like the avic-z3, avic-f700bt, 900bt, d3 etc... $55 Shipped.
  18. Can i pun an additional oem sub under driver seat? Help

    Electronics/Car Audio
    I have an 02 wrx and the next move i want to make with it is better sound. I currently have a stock, 6 CD changer hooked up to a stock OEM sub. I want to rip out the 6 CD changer, sell it, install a new head unit (for mp3 play back, frontal aux jack for top quality ipod playback, and for looks)...