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  1. Tutorials & DIY
    Found a really good running condition ej257 out of an 07, is it possible to swap into my 2015? Maybe if I change the heads, and wire harness?
  2. Engine Modifications
    So I’m looking to buy this ej20x to swap into my wrx that needs a new engine my current engine has a vf48 and has the stock ej255 injectors can I just use those injectors on the...
  3. Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hello I been lurking through this site for a while and now I have my question. I have a 07 2.5i wagon and well I want to start adding to it. It’s my daily and I was wondering if I could get a new intake for it and if it would be a good idea? My dad was telling me to save up and buy a old wrx if...
  4. Member Show-Off & Photography
    Whatsup everyone i just joined the community and am pumped to start digging in, especially now that I just bought my first Subaru after years of being a fan! I got my hands on a ’06 Wrx Tr that, in my opinion, was well taken care of and boasted a lot of life to live. 2 owners (both older...
  5. Interior Mods
    For my hawkeye wrx, just concerned about the audio. i want to install a better speakers as the stock ones are destroyed. Dont know much about em, however is there a set of speakers with everything including tweeters or any other good recommendations that provide rich audio rather than the...
1-5 of 5 Results