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  1. Noob Question (yes from a girl)

    New Member Introductions
    I just got a used 07 base model Impreza and was wondering if any of the WRX parts can be used on it? Examples: intake, swaybars, suspension, radiators, etc. Pretty much anything that might be larger or wider on a WRX than a base model Impreza. Sorry for the girly noobness but I just got the...
  2. To: Girl in Orange CA White 08' WRX

    Off Topic
    Today I saw a very cute girl in Orange CA who was very knowledgeable in wrx talk!!! I was in my 02' wrx, we raced a few times, exchanged some words and she was gone! I would like to meet her, if this is her reading this contact me at [email protected]!!!