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  1. grinding my fabulous gears bro

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    I've got a 2010 WRX and it always grinds when I am going from 3rd to 4th when the revs are 3k or higher. I'm thinking it could be the synchros? I don't wanna pay to have the tranny pulled if I don't need to. Anyone have any ideas what else it could be?
  2. 2017 wrx 3rd 4th 6th hard to engage

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    first time i post i have a 2017 wrx with 90,000 km as of 4 days ago when ever i shift into 3rd or 4th or 6th it wont go in all the time or unless i move it in a certain position, also does it when its off wondering if this synchronizers issue or clutch or something else no grinding noise or any...
  3. Issues after transmission swap, swapped an 05 tranny into an 02 and nothing is right!

    Transmission & AWD
    so I really need help here... ive posted this on several sites ust trying to get an answer... I have an 02 wrx and the tranny went out 2 weeks ago, I bought an 05 tranny that has 40k miles on it and installed it with a new oem clutch kit, and swapped the front axles. Bleed everything and the...
  4. tranny upgrade...

    Transmission & AWD
    Ok, i have a 2005 Wrx, and i have the following mods: Perrin Cold air intake Megan Racing Catless uppipe Catless turboback exhaust Cobb/PDX Tuning custom map tuned to 17lbs Turbo XS TMIC Projector Headlights Cheap Ass Clutch NOW, i am taking it into the shop because i threw a rod, but it is...
  5. wrx problem

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hi All,I drive a 2004 impreza wrx, manual trans, lately when I drive it's so weird because when for example I put the car in second gear, press (acc.pedal harder) and get to about 4000 rpm the car just doesn't accelerate, like there's no turbo, engine gets loud but the car just doesn't take off...