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  1. 07 WRX blew tranny today. Gear set options?

    Transmission & AWD
    Driving to work today and all of the sudden my tranny started to sound like a handful of gravel was thrown in it. :mad:Had it towed to local transmission shop and it is blown up. I run a stage 2 and would like to go with a bigger turbo at some time. Any options for a gear set that is streetable...
  2. NEED your help Please

    Transmission & AWD
    so i 5k launched my 03 wrx like i usally do and when i let out the clutch there was nothing no grind nothing it seems like there is no 1 st gear but all the other work fine btw the car has a 04 tranny in it with the male alxes instead of the not so tuff 02 03 trannys please help me i know the...
  3. where to find cheap synchros?

    Transmission & AWD
    I have been looking around the internet and havent had much luck finding cheap synchros. I already have 2 1st gear synchros that came with my gear set but I can only find full sets and from 2 different places. If its going to cost me 400 for a set I might as well spring the extra 200 and...