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  1. 600 HP FA20DIT - 2017 WRX

    Hey guys! I was running stock block stock turbo, Full Bolt on, running e60 blended at the pump and was making JUST over 400hp and 390TQ. That lasted 2 years and 30,000 miles! Well on a high speed pull I met Rod through the top of my block at about 130mph. Now I have built my new engine...
  2. For Sale MN - 02 WRX with EJ257

    Vehicles for sale
    2002 Subaru WRX 106,xxx miles Black EJ257 with VF39 Located in Rochester, MN The car is in great shape with new motor and suspension parts. I'm selling the car because it was my daily driver and I don't need this much power anymore and I'm not into racing. I did an EJ257 swap this past winter...
  3. FS:Volk Racing CV-Pro's 17x8+36, 17x9+18, 5x114, forged, lightweight, w/ tires

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    two pairs, one in 17x8 +36, and another in 17x9 +18 Rays Engineering's original spacers and lugnuts included. Volk Racing (Rays Engineering) CV-Pro's, 3-PIECE, FORGED, LIGHTWIEGHT, 5x114.3 $900 OBO **** I will ship, and should be able to provide low shipment quote as well. call/text...