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  1. Transmission & AWD
    Hey all. I’m a subi newbie and I’m desperate for help😅 I have a 2016 manual WRX and I just had the clutch replaced with a whole kit, it’s a stage 1 ACT clutch and pressure plate and I believe an oem flywheel, all new bearings and . My problem is I’m over the 500 mile mark and it seems to be...
  2. Transmission & AWD
    I can't seem to get out of the dumping money into my problem child WRX. It is a 2017 with a swapped into motor from 2017 as well (VIN JF1VA1G61H983XXXX On motor and JF1VXXXH980XXXX on Car and Trans) . I am just experience clutch slipping today in third around 3000+ RPM. I would like to order a...
  3. Transmission & AWD
    Hey guys/gals. I need to replace the flywheel on my 14wrx (previous owner fried it and exedy clutch) came across someone selling a new never used 06/07wrx ACT lightweight flywheel. Tried to get in touch with ACT on fitment but no response for a week now. Any ideas on if I would run into fitment...
  4. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
  5. Transmission & AWD
    2013 WRX Base with 100k on it. Just picked it up a couple of months back, thing is a unicorn, bone stock, only thing is an eco tune from the Access port. I'm worried about the clutch being in need of a repair, I'm not sure what kind of maintenance has been done it, but I know I definitely have...
  6. Transmission & AWD
    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you have any experience or knowledge regarding lightweight flywheels. Was looking at both the ACT Streetlite flywheel and the Exedy Lightweight flywheel on rallysportdirect, the ACT weighing in at 14.4 and the Exedy at 12.2. Just wondering if you guys...
  7. Transmission & AWD
    I have been hearing that earlier models of WRX (i believe 2002 and 2003) have tranny problems. I would like to avoid busting the transmission on a hard launch. Can someone recommend what parts to upgrade so that the tranny can handle drag racing? (Clutch, Flywheel, etc.?) THANKS :)
  8. Transmission & AWD
    I recently bought an 03 WRX. It has a stage one clutch and light weight fly that were all on the car when i bought it. I have been getting a repeating grinding noise that increases frequency at higher engine speed. When i accelerate there is no noise but as i let off the throttle like engine...
  9. Transmission & AWD
    So, I have just purchased an Exedy OEM clutch and F1 Racing Lightweight Chromoly Flywheel. I'll be putting it in this coming weekend. From what I've read, there is no need to resurface a flywheel unless you are reusing the stock one. But, my friend is swearing on his life that I need to...
  10. Transmission & AWD
    i recnetly spun a bearing on my 02 wrx... before that i put a stage 2 clutch in it and a light weight flywheel since i friend the stock clutch with 118k on it. will the flywheel bolt right up to the ej25 from the ej20? thanks
1-10 of 11 Results