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  1. New to this Forum as well as to Subaru

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! I have recently made the wise decision to purchase a 2009 WRX sedan 265 :woocow: I love the car and will have photos up shortly. I need some advice....Its bone stock and I would love to mod it up a bit. Im already thinking a short throw and some kind of exhaust kit (I love the stage...
  2. Its time to sell it 400 hp '06 STi

    Vehicles for sale
    I am the second owner of this car, in September of 08 I bought the Sti from a dealer, the car was 100% stock when purched. The mods were all put on last September and I have loved everything about it. I just want to start a new project now. The oil has been changed with synthic every 3k miles...
  3. 2002 Lincoln LS V8 for sale!! 9000$ obo

    Vehicles for sale
    Hey guys. I have a all black 2002 Lincoln ls V8 with black leather and with the sport package. (17 inch chrome wheels, 5 speed automatic tranny w/ tiptronic) It has 86000 miles, and I am the second owner; my aunt was the first. Always ran 93 octaine, and changed the oil every 3000 miles. Has a...
  4. ihi turbo vf22

    Engine Modifications
    Hey Guys, I have an 04 wrx that has a blitz fmic a srs cat back exhaust and a few other things and I am looking to get a bigger turbo. What do you think of a ihi vf22. Pros Cons? What should i get downt the road to help it out. Ps. i dont have new downpipe yet im working on it and will get it...
  5. What's Next?

    Engine Modifications
    Ok, so i have a 2005 Wrx. I have a few mods, but i do not know what is next... Here's my mods in the order installed.. built Tranny(after i ripped mine to hell) Stg. 3 Clutch Borla Catback exhaust Boost gauge Air fuel gauge Boost controller Greddy type s BOV increse boost to 14 lbs. My car...
  6. 2000 civic si/fully built/430hp still has a/c..p/

    Vehicles for sale
    i have a 2000 civic has alot of time and money into this car..but as we all know we never get the money back out of them lol..alone in the motor this is about $24,000 dollers invested..i really want another 4 door car. i would like to keep the speed im looking for a modded...
  7. help! automatic or manual transmission?!?!

    Car Purchasing Forum
    HEY! I am new here and have recently found a new and exciting love for the sabaru wrx! I was literally seconds away from throwing $18,999 on a Nissan Titan before I had to drive my buddy home (he was drunk) and he owns an STI. I was instantly addicted like I had just smoked crack or something. I...
  8. I want to go faster!!

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    How can I help my WRX to go faster, STI faster, but without spending a fortune. My 2003 has 100,000 miles too, is that nothing for a wrx? or is it worth spending a little to pep it up? I have a new exhaust, a BOV and a short air ram. What's next?
  9. So how do i go fast?

    Engine Modifications
    Basically, i just want to know if im looking at a list of upgrades in order to see an improvement in performance or if each part will be noticable. its a stock 03 wrx. so do i need headers, exhaust, dp and up to actually get it to a high performance level? lol i know that sounded stupid but...
  10. 2002 silver wrx sedan cheap! $6995

    Vehicles for sale
    Hi, My name is Jeff, I work at a car dealership in metro detroit, and we just took a realy nice wrx in on trade. I thought someone here might like it.. It has 2 sets of wheels, the factory wheels have like new goodyear snow tires on them. It has 140,000 miles on it and runs like new, it is also...
  11. Faster

    Engine Modifications
    I'm retarted when it comes to car talk but I have an 04 wrx and want to make it faster. Suggestions?
  12. Looking for a 2004 WRX sedan

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    First off let me say sorry if this is the wrong place for this, I am a complete n00b at this forum. Anyway, I am lookin for an 04 wrx, taking all offers, and want to know if anyone around these forums are selling. Im located on Long Island, NY, and will travel if necessary. Thanks
  13. 07' Wrx Wagon Steel Gray

    Vehicles for sale
  14. go fast without buying anything?

    Engine Modifications
    just wondering if there is anything you can do to make your car go faster with out buying anything? like turn something up exc...