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  1. Exterior & Appearance
    Hey I recently moved out to Colorado and want to protect my car from the salt/chemicals they spread on the roads during the winter in Colorado. Does anyone have any ideas? I am looking for either more short term prevention methods or more expensive, permanent solutions. Thanks so much!
  2. Exterior & Appearance
    Hi to all, Doing some research about mud flaps and came across Sparco and Rally Armor which seem to be the most popular. Is there any way I can get my hands on the mud flaps with the WRX logo (that is not out of UK)?...these would look amazing. Subaru Impreza WRX STi Classic Mud Flaps x 4 RED...
  3. Exterior & Appearance
    Recently got an '08 WRX. Love it, save for the exterior. Compared to some of the earlier models, it's bland enough to be confused with a Toyota Corolla! Is there anything out there to fix this? Complete replacement body kit? I've seen a few replacement bumper kits - they're ok, but honestly...
  4. Exterior & Appearance
    I have always liked the look of carbon fiber but could never afford the parts. I found the perfect solution for my problem. out this video.....[URL=............This stuff is awesome. View the video and let me know what you think about it.:thumbup:
  5. Exterior & Appearance
    I want to know if any of you other suby drivers have this trunk...ive searched for pics and reviews of it on the car but came up with nothin. someone tell me if its a good fit.. and if you have pics please post them lol Im considering buying the trunk for my 05 gdb...its a WRX Demon Carbon Fiber...
  6. Exterior & Appearance
    I have been trying to find somewhere to get my STI washed, buffed, and waxed for a decent price. So far every shop I have looked into has a horrible review. Can anybody point me in the right direction? I live in the Tacoma/FT Lewis area, but I am willing to make a drive for good service!
  7. Interior Mods
    I have a 2009 WRX silver 4 door. I want to change the wheels and emblems. Maybe some other graphics or so. Im just not sure what my main accent color should be. Any thoughts?
  8. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hi I have a 2002 wrx with a lot of performance parts, but recently decided I wanted to go with the super sleek look and was wondering if anyone wanted or knew anyone that is looking for a spoiler.... I took one off my 2002 wrx and need cash asap.. no chips in it at all... just the simple 4 bolt...
  9. Interior Mods
    I bought a 2002 WRX wagon in 2007 that has an aftermarket waist spoiler on it. I think it adds a nice little touch, but I would never put it on there myself. The issue is that sometimes when I close the hatch or, more likely, when someone else closes it, the force of it coming down loosens...
  10. Exterior & Appearance
    I am looking for an S202 spoiler and kit for my 03 wrx. Anyone know where I can find it.