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  1. Engine Modifications
    So right now I have nothing really done to my car besides a Cobb cold air intake. Installed it and haven’t seen much of a difference besides just the sound of the intake. I plan on getting an axleback exhaust for now but was wondering if I should get a tune for the intake. I know for the...
  2. Engine Modifications
    Hi everyone, I picked up my first WRX about a month ago and just installed SubieDepot's muffler delete but I had a question about midpipe options. Volume and rasp isn't an issue for me but I was wondering how the drone compares between resonated and non-resonated mid pipes. How much of a...
  3. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Installed a CAI from Cobb on my 02 wrx and put on a new catback. noticing a loud whistling noise from exhaust when turbo kicks in, is this normal? ----> Video
  4. Engine Modifications
    Hey guys!! I have kind of a weird question. I bought my 2013 wrx hatch a while ago and it came with an R400 exhaust. I love the sound of it but it was something that the previous owner did and I wish it was a little louder, do any of you know if there is like an axle back or a muffler delete...
  5. Everyday Impreza Talk
    So I’ve got a 2014 wrx hatch mods are bov, cai, straight pipe from main cat back, stage 3 clutch and some type of tune (idk the owner before me had it tuned) I did a pull and then down shifted and car was responded fine 5 minutes later my car is getting quieter and slower after another 5 minutes...
  6. Engine Modifications
    I bought a 2002 wrx a few months back, its had the motor swapped over to a jdm, seems properly done. But there's a new issue thats arisen. I've been doing research on the headers and I'm not entirely sure that the headers I have are correct, and if they are they certainly don't look proper. Not...
  7. Engine Modifications
    Hey all, So I have a “08 WRX Hatch, currently running a De-catted Stock Downpipe, to a mid muffler delete and some cheap rip off HKS cannon on the rear. I’m looking to upgrade to an Invidia N1 but I don’t know what to choose? I’m looking at ether the resonated one? Or the non-res’d one? Bare...
  8. Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hey guys! I had a question for you all, do any of you know anything about the RS*R exhaust for 2004 Impreza wrx? It came on my car when I bought it but I can’t find anything on the exhaust system anywhere. Any help is appreciated!!
  9. Engine Modifications
    Not feeling the UELH at all. Sounds like my car is broken. Like it’s not running on all 4. Every time I get going my brain’s telling me “Something’s wrong!”. Not trying to start a UELH vs ELH debate. Just wondering who else had this reaction and went with ELH just for that reason, or not for...
  10. Engine Modifications
    Hey everyone new here I bought a invidia downpipe and I called asked if it was divorced wastegate and he said yes bought it finally gets here and it’s open bell mouth I have stock turbo still wasn’t planning on upgrading it anything soon so I was wondering if there is a way I could get it to...
  11. Engine Modifications
    I'm about to order the Invidia divorced WG catted downpipe w/ extra o2 bung for my '08 wrx and I'm wondering if anyone has ever used exhaust wrap on a catted downpipe. Is it really worth it? If I do it I will probably use Design Engineering wrap from the parts store and a can of high temp...
  12. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I’m looking to trade for a much more louder setup as this is pretty quiet for my liking. Preferably a Tomei or quad tip would be good for me. Only used for about 3000 miles so far. I’ll throw in extra cash if needed! Thank you and please message me if you’re located in the RVA area!
  13. Engine Modifications
    I just wanted to know that if aftermarket exhausts for the WRX MY06/MY07 is compatible for the same generation Impreza and if they fit or if there's any modifications only just for a cat back system. I'm new to the scene and I just want to get the right exhaust so I don't waste my money
  14. Engine Modifications
    Hey everyone. Someone near me is selling a Cobb exhaust for a 2019 wrx. He said it has 25000 miles on it. Is there anything I should be worried about getting a used exhaust with that many miles on it or will it be totally fine? It has a few small scratches and dents but everything looks straight...
  15. Engine Performance
    I am a bit new to the car mod world. I have a 2013 WRX so far I have done a sf intake, recirculating valve, full 3in catted turbo back exhaust. I want to make my car a little louder when I drive sometimes for fun, but I want to be able to not be obnoxious all the time. I would just do a catless...
  16. Canada
    Want to know if anyone has tried this. Found a lot of hatch guys cutting an opening as they didn’t come dual, however mine does and just want to know if I’ll need to cut or what. Slim body obviously was smaller opening compared to when they widened it out
  17. Engine Modifications
    Looking to see where I could purchase either new or used exhaust, and if I could get some input on options! Looking to get dual cat back for my 08 sedan wrx. Also looking at the access port and intake stage 1 tune. What’s the best place to go to for purchasing?
  18. Engine Modifications
    I'm trying to figure out how to make my turbo louder because I'm seeing videos of wrx's just idling and I can hear the turbo spooling from the exhaust. I've done pretty much everything that I can do to get that signature turbo noise. I have a bigger turbo, turbosmart compgate 40 external...
  19. Exterior & Appearance
    Hey. I was wondering if installing a cobb 3inch ss turboback exhaust on my new 2020 wrx sti would ruin the engine? The car is under 5y warraanty . Really wanted to change the exhaust as the stock one is not to my liking . then Again, would it ruin the engine?
1-19 of 73 Results