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  1. Engine Noise

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Could someone please help me. I drove my car home and it started making the noise as shown in the link to the video. I was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this problem or knows what it is or could be. Thanks
  2. 08 WRX with JDM engine?

    Engine Modifications
    Looking for advice. I apologize if this has been addressed before. I have an 08 WRX. engine spun a rod. I don’t really want to spend 5k plus to get a used engine or even doing a rebuild. I have seen many websites talking about the JDM import engine EJ20Y being a direct replacement for my EJ255...
  3. Help, I think my new mods and tune made my car slower :/

    Engine Performance
    Hola, So I drive a 2015 wrx with 30k miles and I have a K&N CAI, and a Rev9 Catless 3" downpipe and an aftermarket single exit 3" exhaust with a cobb stage 2+ tune for such mods... I also just went from 17" rims to 18" so i have taken into thought the idea of my speedometer being off and thats...
  4. Random Misfire Issue

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Looking for some help here. I have a 2017 WRX, the car has a full 3” Turbo Back Exhaust, Cobb CAI, and Cobb tuner. I randomly had an issue where my car will start great but immediately kill itself. Sometimes taking multiple times to actually run. Then you can feel a miss while driving. The car...
  5. Just bought a used 2005 WRX First time subaru owner making weird noises

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hello everyone. I just bought my first car on my own. I had to take out a loan and I really love this car its amazing especially the pickup; however, I've never owned a subaru car nor know anything about boxer engines. I've looked stuff up online but am not satisfied. I have been experiencing a...
  6. 2007 STi check engine light w/flashing cruise

    South Eastern States
    I just bought my STi today from a private seller and on my drive back home I passed some old guy and my check engine light came on and my cruise is flashing. There are no after market mods done to it yet. There is a factory short throw installed, if you wanna call that a mod. It has just under...
  7. 2011 WRX Engine Noise

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    So, I've been getting a weird noise lately coming from engine bay. I can only describe it as a ticking noise. I thought it was my imagination at first, but now I am pretty sure the car was a lot quieter when I first got it. Additionally, there has been a mild burning smell after shutting...
  8. What should I do?

    Engine Modifications
    I've got a 2004 WRX that's mostly stock (just changes in exhaust, suspension, and lightweight pulleys) and it has about 175,000 miles on it... Should I do any engine modifications? What should I start by doing, and is it even worth while? I'm just afraid my engine is going to blow up.. even...
  9. What The F*&% is wrong??!

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    When at 5-7k rpm's in 2nd, 3rd, and, 4th gear, my completely stock '04 WRX spudders.. it wont go through the 5-7k rpm range smothly, it seems like a transmission problem almost like it's slipping but i dont feel anything on the shifter just the engine spudders. It came up with an check engine...
  10. 04 Sti gt3076r HELP

    STi Engine Performance
    04 sti with Forgred pistons (JE) and Rods ACL Race bearings TGV delete ARP Head Studs Upgraded to 11mm oil pump 850cc Injectors Walbro Fuel pump 3in Inlet- Perrin short ram intake Perrin FMIC TBE Exhaust Turbosmart EBC ATP gt3076 Externaly gated stock location External waste(Turbosmart)...
  11. SeaFoam

    Maintenance, service, and repair
    Today I took the time to put Seafoam into my car...I put 1/3 of a 16oz can into my fuel tank to clean fuel injectors, 1/3 into the engine block and 1/3 into the vacuum line of the BPV. Everything went great however after smoke had cleared, I noticed some smoke comming from near the turbo....does...
  12. Buying my buddies WRX

    Car Purchasing Forum
    Hi everybody, right now I'm driving a 2011 White Mazda 3 hatch 6 speed manual. It's a fun car, but no WRX or MS3 or Evo or nothin. I just got it, but I can sell it for about exactly what I bought it out the door for. So I think I'm going to do that and buy my buddies '05 WRX sedan. He's an...
  13. Cleaning my Engine Bay?

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    so forgive my ignorance on this subject but im fairly new to actually caring about and cleaning my car well haha. Im going to be installing a radiator shroud in the next few days but my engine bay is quite dirty, what is the best way to clean it up a bit? Just a damp towel or anything specific?
  14. Want To Buy 02-05 wrx engine

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Looking for an WRX engine hopefully around in southern California for sale. I don't have a ton of money so I'm looking for a good deal. You would be helping a member out big time so shoot me some prices if your looking to sell. Thanks
  15. PERRIN FMIC install help needed

    Engine Performance
    :shakehead: Hello all i recently just purchased a fmic for my 2004 sti. I am having problems with installing it i just want to have some things verified. Upon installing perrins fmic i have run into several issuses. 1- fuel lines and ac lines - DO you have to leave them unmounted from the...
  16. wrx eratic idle, CEL list. tryna figure this out..P0851, P1153, P1152..

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    05 wrx, stage 1, catback, cobb intake Fixed my power issue (stock uppipe was clogged by a broken apart cat... :( ) so i played safe and got a used td04 mated to a 2.5in catless UP. Now im having these weird a** idle issues...cold start the car idles up to around almost 2.5k then drops and sits...
  17. 2005 wrx stock turbo shot? All help appreciated.

    Engine Modifications
    hey guys, would appreciate some help troubleshooting this issue im having. 2005 wrx, all stock. motor was replaced before purchase, had bad rings cyl 4. fixed part of the issue with power but im still having some terrible power issues, feels as if im running lean, fuel economy sucks lol. When i...
  18. 05 WRX hitting fuel cut w/detonation? help?

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    2005 wrx. Cobb SR intake, tanabe catback, AP stg1 Car runs great and strong in every gear until I hit between 4500-5k rpms, then out of no where no power, detonation I assume? (Sounds like popcorn popping...pop pop pop pop) happens and it won't accelerate anymore. I have an aem digi boost...
  19. 2005 WRX having some weird/bad issues. HELP!

    Engine Modifications
    OK so I purchased this car about 6 months ago. Started having issues, turned out to be rings in cyls 2 and 4 were shot. The car was modded before I bought it pretty heavily I assume. So they fixed that brand new short block etc. Fixed the shaky start up and you can feel all the power from the...
  20. Want To Buy I need a 2.0 engine!!!!

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    i blew my motor in my 2005 wrx well it wasn't my fault i bought the car and 28 days later realized the dealership i bought it from only had 2 quarts of oil in it. and yea thats when i was on the side of the road dead that i noticed that and they screwed me over by saying it was my fault for not...