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  1. INTERCOOLERS!!! Upgrade worth it!

    Engine Modifications
    Hi. I have a 2017 WRX and I am looking at installing an upgraded intercooler. Which are the best options and why? What kind of HP could I expect? I am currently stage 2. And I am looking what to do next to get some more power and/or torque. Or is there something I should do first or...
  2. Champs 2005 WRX Build. Open to suggestions to make more efficient/reliable/stronger

    this list has all mods I can think of - Turbo XS front mount intercooler and piping - Cobb short ram intake - Turbo XS RFL blow off valve - BC coilovers - Camber plates and bolts - Cobb Access Port V2 currently on a stage 2 tune - Kartboy short shifter and bushings - Kartboy shift knob -...
  3. what else can i do to my engine??? 2005 WRX

    New Member Introductions
    Here is a list of evry mod I have... I'm looking more for engine mods and ideas along that line... all ideas help... - Limited options include heated windshield, heated side mirrors, heated seats, and sunroof - Turbo XS front mount intercooler and piping – painted flat black - Cobb short ram...
  4. What mods should I do?

    Engine Modifications
    Well my 2004 wrx is having its motor pulled out, and a new front end will be welded on, anyway my question is this, anyone could recomend a brand of spark plugs to be changed to, and any other mods that wont cost me over 400 to go for now because im on a budget at the momen and just wanted to...
  5. Need To know what Intake i should get!! first engine mod..

    Engine Modifications
    So i have the new 2011 subura wrx (hatchback) and i love her.. I am making my first engine mod and thought it would be a good idea to add in an Intake. I know that i want a cold air but not sure what kind.. Anyone have any good suggestions? any advice will help.
  6. How to get 400 HP

    Engine Modifications
    i have a 2004 sti i would like to know the first steps to get to 400hp. currently i have a TBE and still has stock up pipe. Does anyone know if the up pipe is catless on a 2004 sti? first i will get a Cobb AP to run stage 2 but would like a better direction from there i just want the next step...
  7. Good places to install engine mods?

    Engine Modifications
    Anywhere in columbus, closer to dublin preferably. I have a 04 Wrx so I was trying to look for a place that knew Subaru's and was able to intall engine modifications at a reasonable price. Any suggestions??
  8. 04 wrx engine modifications

    Engine Modifications
    Hello, kinda new to the wrx and needed some help figuring out what I should do to upgrade my wrx. I wanted to first upgrade my exhaust system, what should i be looking for when buying a new exhaust? I also wanted to to other engine mods as well but wasnt quite sure where to start. Any thing will...
  9. 165 k

    Engine Modifications
    I finally have put enough money aside for some serious mods, but after a lot of thinking i don't know if i should invest. my 2003 wrx has 164,500 miles on (mostly highway) but i'm doubting how much longer the car will last as a whole and if its worth putting the time and money into. can anybody...