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  1. Up Pipe Concern

    Engine Modifications
    I own a 2005 WRX and am looking to mod it slowly. I have been doing research and think that the up-pipe would be a great place to start. I understand that there are potential disasters of using the stock up-pipe as the EGT may dislodge and end up in the turbo. To avoid this problem, I want to...
  2. Emissons

    Engine Modifications
    Hey all, Just wondering i know there are alot on people in NY running catless and wondering what your method is for passing emmisions. The sniffer and visual but more specifically the sniffer. So do you swap for a catted setup right b4 you test or do you "know the guy" thats tests your car...
  3. CEL PO447 & PO224 EMISSIONS

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    what would cause this cell po447 the cel is on a 2004 subaru wrx/sti P0447 Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Open from what i have been reading its saying to check your gas cap and if not the gas cap then what? the previous owner also says it cannot fuel up at full...
  4. Down Pipe Emissions Test Question?

    Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, quick question. Living in NY they do emissions testing on your car for inspection, and have strict emissions results, probably second only to CA. If I was to add a down pipe, and cat back exhaust (with a tune) would the "freer" flowing exhaust, and more power result in trouble passing...
  5. Viginia Emissions

    Mid-Atlantic States
    So after searching, it seems as though there are still a lot of questions regarding a TBE. I have found specific examples for states like Utah and Texas, but seeing as how I live in VA, it doesn't really do any good. I would like to run a TBE, however I think using one cat would be a must...
  6. Relative Newbie w/ Silly Intake Question Passing Emissions Test

    Engine Modifications
    Hello, new to the site, only my third post. Enjoying my 09 WRX. I was looking at getting the K&N Typhoon intake after seeing a review on Car and Driver - 17 HP and 21 pound feet at the wheels. I have seen both the positive and negative thoughts on intakes - but this seems like a reasonable...
  7. DETAILS on IL emissions test!!!

    North Central States
    PASSED TODAY!! YADDA!! I was nervous my baby would spit a 'fail'... SO -- IL is no longer using the tailpipe sniff test... at all, never again. They solely did a 20 second OBDII scan. As long as you don't throw a CEL or readiness codes, you are golden. I have a seriously modified exhaust...
  8. VA emissions w/ TBE

    Mid-Atlantic States
    I am thinking about getting an HKS CBE w/ the HKS SS downpipe. HOwever, the HKS DP is catless and I know the stock dp is catted. So does, anyone in VA know how this will affect emissions? Pass? Fail? Jail? Twould suck to bolt all this on and fail. thx yalls