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  1. Engine Modifications
    I have a 06 wrx, EJ255, my timing belt snapped whilst driving and I now now either a rebuild or a replacement however it is hard to find a wrx of my exact year with a decent engine, would an ej255 from other years be suitable for straight swap?, no wire adapters or aftermarket ECUs I just want a...
  2. Everyday Impreza Talk
    2010 WRX Limited:
  3. Builds
    Hey guys im looking to make more power out of my EJ255 its not stock right now but im not sure of what was done to the engine internally as it was done by the previous owner. But assuming it was stock what would i need to replace to get 400 to 450whp safely and reliably without breaking the bank.
  4. Engine Modifications
    Long story short, I really didn't like the fact this Beamer boy wanted to race me just because I had a spoiler and ended up blowing my engine not paying attention to boost and oil. I ended up with a spun bearing. It doesn't seem like it would be a good idea to slap a new crank and bearing set in...
  5. Engine Modifications
    I have a 2005 legacy gt. I think my motor blew. I cant find a oem wrx bottom end so i was figuring a sti would work. The sti bottom end is like 2k but the iag is like 4. so could I use the sti/ra bottom end?
  6. Builds
    Ended up with an untitled 09 wrx. Been dealing with trying to get a title from the last owner for months n I’m bout over it. Thinking about buying a bugeye and doing a complete swap. Only thing I’m worried about is the ECU, or the wiring more generally because this is my first swap. Fab work...
  7. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Sad day...I bought a 2013 wrx hatch 4 months ago and just yesterday I drove it for 2hrs on the interstate, during the last 10min of the trip I started to hear a quiet tick that got faster proportional to rpms, however the tick only happens after 2200, can't really hear it below that. I...
  8. Engine Modifications
    Hey all, I rebuilt my motor recently and am about to put it back in the car. I did put a new clutch/flywheel kit in about 10k miles ago, so it's all still fairly new. However, the shop I go to said he won't put a used clutch back in with a new motor no matter how new. He says it could wear out...
  9. Vehicles for sale
    Very well maintained wrx. Bone stock and never modded engine wise. Doesn't leak oil or coolant. Bought it not long ago for a winter car. I am in the Marine Corps reserve and my unit is in CT I have driven it back and fourth between VT and CT many times and it hasnt ever had a single issue...
1-9 of 9 Results