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  1. Want To Buy 02 WRX motor USDM EJ205

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    i posted a thread about what i could put into my car since apparently i need a new motor. but i know if i get the exact same motor that i have i can do it my self no problem
  2. What EJ motors will bolt straight in to my 02 WRX?

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    I just recently did something to my car. a local shop said i need a motor because it is going to cost me way more to have someone take my EJ205? all the way down and see what is broken and what can be salvaged.. I have been doing some research online and I'm still not %100 positive what my...
  3. Building my engine...need input!(ATTN:tuning guru's)

    Engine Modifications
    Ok guys this is gonna be a long one. So i'm building my motor in my high performance class at Wyotech next year about this time. I'm going to have 3 months of shop time to put all of this stuff under my hood. Anyway here's my list, let me know if i'm missing anything. Comments and constructive...