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  1. BEST way to get 300BHP - Td05h

    Engine Modifications
    Good evening. I'm currently running an old 95 WRX engine with factory td05h, factory tmic, 3 inch exhaust everything pretty much stock. I'm after concise information on the best way to hit the 300bhp awhp mark? Like what are the best mods on a budget would I need to upgrade my injectors? Or a...
  2. Rebuilding EJ20 for my 05' WRX!

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hello everyone, I hope you all are well, I'm new to the forums and have never really engaged in them regarding car repair so don't hammer me too hard. I'm looking for some advice for the best places/websites to get parts, opportunities I have at this point that may be worth the money for HP and...
  3. 2002 WRX with complete 2004 Version 8 JDM EJ20 swap

    Engine Modifications
    hey guys just got a stock ej20 engine here. but basically im looking to upgrade engine power but dont know where to start :confused: any ideas anyone? heres a little information on it. A little info about the mechanical bits: 2004 Version 8 JDM STi engine. this engine comes STOCK with forged...
  4. EJ20 Honing - Grit and Hone Diameter

    Engine Performance
    EJ20 Honing - What Grit? I'm planning to hone my EJ20g block for v5 207 forged pistons and new rings. There are also some light scratches I'd like to see disappear as well, nothing major. What grit should I use for the initial hone and for a final hone to achieve the proper arithmetic average...
  5. Greddy 18G or VF34 Turbo on a 2.0 WRX

    Engine Modifications
    I'm looking to do a build and I found two turbos I was interested in. Ones the 18G and I can get that for $200 with 10k on it or the vf34 with 30k but has the wastegate crack for $250. I'm looking for a fast sporty day driver that I could have some fun with on the weekends. I'm going to do a...
  6. Spun Bearing

    New Member Introductions
    Sup fellow SubaFans... My car was being babysit-ted by a friend, when he took out for its month run. He told me UltraLord (My cars Name) was feeling a bit lazy and heavy... Few miles down he calls me say the UltraLord just shut down but he made a NASTY BANG,BANG, BANG... noise coming from the...
  7. Trying to get a wrx bug eye

    New Member Introductions
    So I am trying to get a 2002 wrx and ive built boosted cars before (99 eclipse GSX, Neon SRT-4) But i am absolutely new to subaru. im looking for advice hints tips anything you wanna tell me.
  8. Need a "surge tank" for EJ20

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    i have a 94 jdm sti, and the surge tank or ive heard it called a water box? is pooched. ive heard i could get one off newer wrxs as there there very similar? any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. Turbo Lag!!

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hey Fellas, I finally got to replacing my broken tvg connector the other day(the one right in front of the Turbo), I disconnected the negative to reset the ecu and cleared my P1088 Cel, and when i connected the negative back up and took her for a test drive, i noticed that the turbo didn't "seem...
  10. WANTED - EJ25 to swap!

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hello, I'm looking for a USDM EJ25 engine and/or sti tranny to swap in my 04 wrx must be in good condition and must have pictures..etc if interested, i have a 2004 EJ20 with 53k miles, Excellent conditions and running fine, with wrx 5spd tranny excellent also.. hit me up in my email if you...
  11. i need a 2.0 or 2.5 block for wrx.

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    just today my car decided to knock, died and wont start... yes there is still oil i am not sure whats wrong but i prolly gonna replace the block. I am looking for a block 2.0 or 2.5. please let me know price.
  12. Whats Up MSG from SacCali 05 wrx w/ sti shortblock!

    Engine Modifications
    I Hope this will help some people cause i need the help equally as bad. Here is what i have: 2005 wrx WWB (world rally blue) Originally had an Ej20 ( ej-20 EJ20 ) 2.0L (2.0 L). When i got the car the guy had blown the driver rear piston rod and chopped up the lower part of the block ( He just...
  13. Whats Up MSG from SacCali 05 wrx w/ sti shortblock!

    New Member Introductions
    I Hope this will help some people cause i need the help equally as bad. So, Here it is: Im new to blogging in general so bear with me while i get a feel for all the amazing things. One thing I'm not new to is loving cars. Here is what i have: 2005 wrx WWB (world rally blue) Originally had an...
  14. richmond, VA ROTA torque gunmetallic w/ tires 495obo

    Vendor Archived Threads
    17x8 rota torques in great cond. these have an offset of 40, they are 5 lug, 5x100 the tires are yokohama avs100 (235/40zr17) and they have about 25% remaining, except one needs replacing real soon all of the wheels are in great condition, and one has a small rash under the lip (hardy...