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  1. Tucson Rally Playground - Course Layout Day 2

    South Western States
    We left Day 1 with a list of items to follow-up: Test and review the effect of water on course with cars doing multiple passes Work out spacing of cars (how many cars can we have safely on course at the same time) Look at where ruts are forming and find a solution Measure the distance and time...
  2. Casting Driver's with Skills for new Speed Channel series called Whipped

    Motorsports Talk
    SPEED CHANNEL’S new series “WHIPPED” is giving you the chance to see if you are as good as your car! ARE YOU WILLING TO RISK YOUR OWN JACKED UP RIDE FOR A CHANCE TO TRICK OUT YOUR CAR & A SHOT AT SPEED TV IMMORTALITY? LOAD UP, STRAP IN and bring the HORSEPOWER for the wildest CAR COMPETITION...