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    NOTE: AWD/4WD vehicles are REQUIRED to enter the advanced classes For details, updated drivers list, and online registration visit: Thorough Concepts, LLC
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    Alrighty soo if you have seen my other Posts iv been asking alot about WRX's because i dont know too much about them yet im learning though. I want to race and well i have been. Im good at driving standard its just i hear soo much controversy over how to launch your car properly and whats good...
  4. Member Show-Off & Photography
    Hey guys, I have a 03 WRX and I can't decide between black or white wheels. I love the look of white, however, I think they can also look trashy. Please post some photos of WRB with black or white wheels. Thanks in advanced!
  5. Member Show-Off & Photography
    Flickr: brentenkelly's Photostream There is a bunch more I took, I will be uploading over the next couple days... Anyone else take any photos from the rally this weekend?
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    Took my GC8 out to the local drift/grip track this morning and had a blast! (pix in next post due to submission rules)