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  1. Suspension & Wheels
    Loving the look of these new wheels by cheap and cheerful Drag. Weight is under 19lbs for an 18x8!!! Couldn't believe it. My budget was 3 times the cost of these - I was just about set on Enkei PF01s, but I'm glad I did a last minute internet sweep before buying. Got some nice Conti summer...
  2. Motorsports Talk
    Well friday i went to the drag strip for the second time with my 02 cobb stage 2 wrx, sti up, TBE, injen cai. First time i went i was stage1 and my best was a [email protected] with a bog for a launch. Much to my surprise my first run on my second track visit now @ stage 2 was a [email protected] with a bad launch...
  3. New Member Introductions
    a couple days ago i went on a site it asked for your car hp and told you what your approx 1/4 mile time was. i can no longer find this site does anyone know what it might be?