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  1. Engine Modifications
    Baseline: I want to go stage 2 (Catless downpipe) Not sure what exactly I need to install to prevent boost creep. I'm aware that I will need a electronic boost control solenoid but is there anything else? Can anyone please help?
  2. Engine Modifications
    Hey everyone new here I bought a invidia downpipe and I called asked if it was divorced wastegate and he said yes bought it finally gets here and it’s open bell mouth I have stock turbo still wasn’t planning on upgrading it anything soon so I was wondering if there is a way I could get it to...
  3. Engine Modifications
    I'm about to order the Invidia divorced WG catted downpipe w/ extra o2 bung for my '08 wrx and I'm wondering if anyone has ever used exhaust wrap on a catted downpipe. Is it really worth it? If I do it I will probably use Design Engineering wrap from the parts store and a can of high temp...
  4. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    2004 Forester XT swapping in a 2006 STI engine. Need a down pipe that I can use with V39 turbo but pass CA smog. anyone have an OEM STI downpioe or aftermarket catted downpipe?
  5. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hi all, I have an 03 WRX that is bone stock and had a code p0420 for bank 1 cat. I changed out the downpipe/stock cat with a Bosal "oem" cat. Looks to be pretty much the same minus all the heat shielding the factory cat has. I also put on new multi layered steel gaskets to ensure the whole...
  6. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hello everyone, I have a 07 wrx that I need to pass deq emissions with. I have been looking for an oem downpipe and was wondering if I could just pick up a 02-05 downpipe and just purchase the 3” to oem exhaust adapter instead. Let me know! Thanks
  7. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Invidia Catted Downpipe (P/N: HS08SW1DPC) run for only a couple of thousand mile. In original box. Asking $300 Also, have GrimmSpeed 3” to 2.5”(?) Adaptor, GrimmSpeed metal multilayer 3” gasket and Subaru 2.5” stock-type gasket, in great shape. No leaks. I have more parts if anyone is...
  8. Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, thanks to that ass Lokey :), I have been stricken with the desire to get a downpipe and flash my 2011 WRX to Stage 2. I currently have the Nameless Axleback exhaust, and was originally planning on getting the Full Nameless TBE. However, the Nameless downpipe is $600. It is a...
  9. Engine Modifications
    i have an 04 wrx wagon i keep getting a CEL:mad: for a misfire but it comes on for different plugs everytime:confused: i dont know if its because of the mods i have or if there is something else that is causing the light to come on checked the plugs and they seemed fine MODS sri headers...
  10. Engine
    Get ready to save some money with Kronos Performance's 1 Month Super Sale on select TurboXS Products for your 2008+ Subaru WRX and STI! Sale starts today 10/16/2011 and ends on 11/16/ coupon needed, just purchase on the pages below! TURBO XS 08+ WRX/STI FRONT MOUNT INTERCOOLER...
  11. Engine Modifications
    I had originally Planned on goin with the Cobb downPipe for my 07 wrx... If I'm getting a protune anyway is it worth spending the 600 for Cobb or should I reconsider and go with something else?
  12. Engine Modifications
    In the next few week I'm going to be putting in an Invidia V3 DP. I was considering using heat wrapping on it. I've read you only really need to wrap the front half. Thermo Tec sells it in either 15ft or 50ft. My question is 2 fold: 1) is 15ft enough to wrap the front of the DP sufficiently and...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Soooo I have a stock 02 wrx and i've been looking at getting a catless downpipe with an exhaust for a reasonable price. I found this one on Ebay but i dont know how legit it would be. I just want something reliable and that would sound good for a good price. Its a up pipe, down pipe, and exhuast...
  14. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have a craigslist page that has pics and details of all the parts, and it's listed as pick up only, but if you want it and are willing to pay the shipping cost, then I can send it, just send me a pm on a part and we'll discuss the price, but I really just have to get rid of these parts... All...
  15. Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, quick question. Living in NY they do emissions testing on your car for inspection, and have strict emissions results, probably second only to CA. If I was to add a down pipe, and cat back exhaust (with a tune) would the "freer" flowing exhaust, and more power result in trouble passing...
  16. Engine Modifications
    Hey, I recently purchased a HKS hi power exhaust for my 2006 WRX and I was wondering if I need to replace the down pipe for the best fit? Should I look in to a "High flow downpipe", If so anyone have a good suggestion as to which(s) one? -Thanks
  17. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have a 2003 subaru wrx and i need a new down pipe and a bov. I would prefer a hks ssq bov but beggers cant b choosers so ill take watever some one offers me. I desperately need it by this month.
1-17 of 18 Results