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control arm

  1. For Sale Agency Power Rear Adjustable Control Arms

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Brand new, still in original packaging Agency Power Rear Adjustable Control Arms Fits both sedan and hatchback, STI or WRX model, 2008+ Comes with all necessary hardware for install. Price = $500 (not including shipping) (retails for $650) Pick ups welcome, I am located near Los Angeles, CA...
  2. Broken Control arm, Subaru twisting my arm....2002 hb

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    i drive a 02 wrx hatchback. recently i broke a control arm. this is the only damage to the car. i was by the dealer they want $520 to fix the arm. i said no, and told them i was having it towed to my other shop. when i told them this, they instantly said WELL we can match their price(250) if...
  3. 02 wrx, grease accumulation below control arm bushing

    Suspension & Wheels
    I just got under my 02 wrx sedan, and noticed an accumulation of thick gray grease under the front passenger side control arm. It looks to be coming from the rear bushing area, and accumulating on the sub frame. I looked for leaks at the ball joints and cv joints, and those all seemed good. Is...