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  1. Mid-tier Coilover Comparison!!

    Suspension & Wheels
    Hey everyone. I'm looking into getting a set of coilovers for my 16 WRX. I don't plan on slamming it, just a tasteful 1" drop at the most. I'm mostly looking for better ride quality, as the stock suspension is boxy and jarring, especially on roads in the northeast that are constantly chewed up...

    Suspension & Wheels
    Wanted to know what people thought of these coilovers. I have a 17 STi and hurt my back (double digit surgeries) and wanted to know if this helps the ride quality. Love the car and if I can make it more comfortable to drive I won’t have to sell it. Thanks!
  3. new and need some advice

    New Member Introductions new and just picked up my 2002 wrx. as of right now the only mods are aem intake and 2.5 catback exhasut. i bought the car with the stock clutch but it was on its way out and definitly needs a new one asap. i will be doing the work myself. i plan on modding the car but im not...
  4. For Sale WRX/STi JIC Magic FLTA2 Coilovers - Southern Oregon

    NWS: Local For Sale Only !
    Have JIC Magic FLTA2 coilovers for sale, the struts were blown and the coils need a rebuild. Just don't have the money or income right now. They were taken off an 03 WRX and have roughly 35k mi put on them, they were $2,100 new. The FLT-A2 features a light weight, 15 way adjustable monotube...
  5. 03 WRX - What lowering Springs can be ran on Stock struts?

    Suspension & Wheels
    Hey guys! So I've been searching the web and reading forums on different springs and I really have no clue what to get. Right now I am running a stock 03 WRX and I am interested in getting some lowering springs for mainly physical appearance. However, I do not want to get springs that will end...
  6. Coilovers - Blown Struts - Keep or get rid of?

    Suspension & Wheels
    Took in my 03 WRX yesterday to get a 80k mi tune up and the mechanic said all 4 struts were blown. Very unfortunate because there's no way I can afford new struts. Anywho, I bought the car with JIC Magic FLTA2 Coilovers (retail $2,000 new) and I don't know what to do with them or even how much I...
  7. Will putting on BC Coilovers eliminate the strut issue?

    New Member Introductions
    Ive been having the same basic strut problem as most 04 05 sti have. Will putting coilovers on my car eliminate the clunking issue?:confused:
  8. For Sale (Ont,Can) RCE Tarmac 2 coilovers + GTWORX camber plates for 02-07WRX, 04 STi

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have for sale a set of Racecomp Engineering Tarmac 2 coilovers. These are absolutely brand new, and uninstalled. All tags are still attached. These are RCE’s tuned versions of the KW V3 coilovers. These units are for the 5x100 bolt pattern, which means 02-07 WRX and 04 STi Impreza’s. The...
  9. -Noob- Coilovers are BUMPY, what can I do?!

    Suspension & Wheels
    Just bought an 03 WRX a month ago and it came with JIC Magic FLTA2 coilovers on it and the ride is really annoying me. Up in the hills it's great, but driving down town and under 50mph is unpleasant. My friend suggest getting Hypercoil (or Hyperco?) Springs and claimed that would definitely help...
  10. PRICE CHECK!? - JIC Magic FLTA2 Coilovers

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hey guys, throwing on my stock suspension soon and was wondering how much I can get for my JIC Magic FLTA2 Coilovers. They came with the car and have 20k ish mi on them. Looks like they retail $1800-2400 new. And they're coming off a 2003 WRX impreza. Thanks in advanced
  11. Coilovers Vs. Stock suspension - Coilovers a rough ride?

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hey guys, just got a 2003 WRX a couple weeks ago and it came with JIC Magic FLTA2 Coilovers. I've never had coil overs on any of my vehicles before and I was curious if most coil overs had a rough (bumpy) kind of ride. I drove this car up through the hills from CA to OR and it handled amazing...
  12. 06 impreza coilover suggestions

    Suspension & Wheels
    so i just bought myself a 06 impreza for a steal. so i wanna start with the suspension and do it right. i want it comfortable enough for daily use but stiff enough to have maximum control. what coilovers should i get. and other suspnsion type suggestions. i was thinking about tein super street...
  13. Coilover help

    Suspension & Wheels
    hey peoples im new to the forum thing, and i need some help. i have a 02 wrx wagon and i want to lower it...just for looks. im never ganna race the car i just want a coilover set up less than1000 bucks that can still give me a nice comfortable ride..i found some but like some feed back.. what do...
  14. coilover questions/recommendation

    Suspension & Wheels
    Hey everyone, I have a 2003 wrx with 4" turbo back exhaust, 4" hood scoop, eyelids, and a turbo xs bov. I'm currently looking for a set of coilovers for 1000 or under (can't really afford anything more). I've done a lot of research, but haven't been able to answer a question I've had. So here...
  15. FS: Helix DNA Coilovers (so. cal)

    SWS: Local For Sale Only !
    I just bought these used from another member and decided I am going to stay stock for awhile. They are still packaged and in the box (they just arrived today). According to him they are in excellent condition, no leaks, clunks, etc.. here are a couple of HIS pix. They will fit 02-07 wrx and 04...
  16. FS: HKS Coilovers

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have a "set" of HKS Coilovers for sale. $150 takes em. Local pick-up in NM is preferred, but I can get a UPS shipping quote if you really want them. The fronts are Hiper-L and the rears are RS. I have four that are complete and a 5th broken one for parts or whatever. These are being sold...