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  1. Engine Modifications
    Hey guys. I’m new to the forum, but my reasoning for joining the group is because I’m starting to mod my 16’ STI and already have questions lol. I installed a Cobb intake and this part didn’t have a place for it. What is it and what does it do!?
  2. Maintenance, service, and repair
    I have an 02 wrx bugeye with a cobb intake on it and everything else is pretty much stock. I have been having an issue where when i rev the car it has a very bad lag/hesitation and when driving the car and getting to the higher rpm's the car starts to jerk back and fourth and hesitate. When...
  3. Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    I recently purchased a Cobb stage 1 for my Subaru wrx sti 2018. Which includes accessport and cobb sf intake. I installed the AP (no intake yet) to see how it was, and decided to put it in stage 0 (since my car is stock). Went out for a ride and it was giving me a rev limit of 3500-4000. Weird...
  4. Engine Modifications
    Hi all, I have a Cobb SF intake installed on a 2017 WRX STI that I plan to install on my new 2020 WRX STI. However, when I tried searching for Cobb SF intake online for my 2020 STI, results showed intake kits for the 2019-2020 STI and for 2015-2017 STI, with a price difference of 100$...
  5. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    This intake came off of a 2017 STI. It was used for about 1500 miles. $240 OBO local pick up. Located northern NJ.
  6. STi Engine Performance
    Question, I’m recently getting started on modding my 15+ STI and would like to know if I could run a HKS SQQV4 BOV with a Cobb Stage 1+ SF intake and Access port and wondering if It will damage my vehicle. I understand that 100% atmospheric is BAD for the engine but with the Stage 1 tune would...
  7. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Looking around for a Cobb intake for my 16 WRX. I'm considering a new one, but I still haven't pulled the trigger.
1-7 of 8 Results