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  1. Transmission & AWD
    I've been working on doing a clutch replacement on my 2008 wrx hatch, and to my knowledge I've removed everything I need to remove to get the transmission out. That being removal of the exhahst, driveshaft and front axles, as well as starter and all bolts connecting the bellhousing to the back...
  2. Transmission & AWD
    Hello all, I am a first time owner of a 2018 WRX Limited and I have put approximately 28,000 miles on the car since I bought it. I have noticed a different feel to the clutch when releasing the clutch pedal. I feel an occasional slip when first driving it but then it will improve. I believe that...
  3. Transmission & AWD
    Its time I replace my clutch. :unhappy: I havent done it on my new subaru yet but I have been told its much more difficult than just a standard clutch replacement. I have been told that I have to remove my engine. I just need some help on what is necessary when I am going to replace this. If you...
1-3 of 3 Results