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  1. North Central States
    Hey guys! I'm kinda new to the community and was wondering if anyone would like to swap 2020 CWP WRX trunk for a CWP STI trunk! Near Chicago, IL. Willing to put cash on top. My trunk is clean with no scratches or dents :)
  2. Suspension & Wheels
    Anyone know of a Firestone location in the Chicago area that has alignment techs that know what they’re doing and are willing to adjust to requested specs? Recent experience was terrible as the tech didn’t even know my 2010 has factory camber bolts up front… Thanks in advance.
  3. North Central States
    Hi guys, I'm looking for local knowledge of Chicago area shops. Good and bad..... I've already found a bad one and certainly need to be advised away from others.... but really would like to find a Subi Shop that knows their stuff and is friendly. I have a 2003 Impreza WRX wagon with 70K+...
  4. New Member Introductions
    hey, i'm sydelle, people call me sy. been driving a black wrx since last may. i live in chicago (jeff park), and i always wave to my fellow wrx and sti drivers b/c i'm a happy person :wiggles:
1-4 of 5 Results