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  1. Rays Volk CE28N gold 5x100 17x8.5 +44 w/ Brand NEW 245/45/17 RE-01R (Phx, AZ)

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    . Get yoAr bid ON!!! > Rays Volk CE28N 5x100 17x8.5 +44 245/45/17 RE-01R :eBay Motors (item 230414884103 end time Dec-27-09 18:18:55 PST) ^ NO RESERVE y0!!! ^ Bridgestone - Potenza - RE-01R - Nengun Performance Tires cost $ 1,325.68 ^ One wheel has scuffage, no bends, or...
  2. CA: Volk Ray's Engineering 17" CE28N (Silver) Wheels

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have a set (4) of Volk Ray's Engineering CE28N rims (in silver). They are 17"x7.5" with the 5x100 bolt pattern. They also have Volk center caps. They still have tires installed. I bought them brand new in 2002 and they have been on my car (2002 WRX) until late 2007. The rims have been in...