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catalytic converter

  1. Want To Buy 08-10 wrx stock downpipe

    SWS: Local For Sale Only !
    HI there fellow wrx owners i am new to the site and new to the subaru family:wiggles: I am in dire need of a factory catted down pipe for my 2010 wrx. when i bought the car it came with an invidia turbo back exhaust. and now need to pass smog so i can register and get to drivin;) Any help at...
  2. need info on cat for 06 wrx

    Engine Modifications
    I recently found out my car doesn't have a cat, which makes my warranty invalid. It has a three inch pipe. are there any performance cats that will fit and still be legal? i purchased the car at a subaru dealership here in boise, and they sold me the invalid warranty. I love how the car sounds...
  3. PO420 Code

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hello to all. I am new at this, but I was hoping to get some good help with getting this stupid code off my dash. So, I have been getting this PO420 code for a few weeks now. First, I got a friend to just go ahead and reset the system to turn the light off, then it came back on a few weeks...