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  1. Engine Performance
    Ones a cat clogged or something of the nature the other only comes on after I fill the tank? I ve a 2016 wrx. Ive cleared the codes because on my snap on solus edge I don't see anything outta the ordinary. But obviously something is causing it to throw the codes. I have stage 2 map performance...
  2. Member Show-Off & Photography
    Car went in the shop a while back for P0001 code, they replaced an oil control valve that was faulty, leading to a lack of oil reaching the cam and cleard the code. All seemed well until about a month later, car backfired after shifting from 5th to 6th (barely on it) and threw a CEL. New code...
  3. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hi all, I have an 03 WRX that is bone stock and had a code p0420 for bank 1 cat. I changed out the downpipe/stock cat with a Bosal "oem" cat. Looks to be pretty much the same minus all the heat shielding the factory cat has. I also put on new multi layered steel gaskets to ensure the whole...
  4. Engine Modifications
    My car just threw a code for the catalytic converter and I’m thinking of getting Turbo XS High Flow Catalytic Converter pipe. Would this fix my issue? Also will it still throw a code?
  5. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hey names Mike, I just bought a used 2015 wrx limited 2.0L and i now have a check engine light on, so I took it to Auto Zone to get a read in it and when they plugged it up they didn’t give me an exact number they just said it was my cat converter.. I only have 78,000 miles on it. An auto shop...
1-5 of 5 Results