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car dvd player
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    i'm planing to buy a car stereo player, but i cannot make a decision now, i dont know which one is better Subaru forester Car DVD Player with GPS Bluetooth TV [CCVL456] - $359.70 : wholesale car stereo system,car stereo,car dvd player,car gps,car stereo player, China Wholesale - Discount Car...
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    i install a car stereo player for my car, to make it more enjoyable and comfortable, actually it really did
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    it is raining heavily outside, but i hide myself in the car enjoying my new car stereo player, with many functions and high quality, enjoying myself :)
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    my friend buy a car stereo player with many functions and high quality but at low pricei like it, and i'm planning to buy one too, anyway it is no bad to have a try, it is very convinient to get it at
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    hi everyone, new here, just say hello to all of you :tongue:
1-5 of 5 Results